Who is Tatjana Asla? Amazing Facts About Tyra Banks’ Daughter

The spotlight has always been on famous children. Additionally, a lot of people follow them online so they can stay up to date on their lives. Tatjana Asla is one person who, like any other star child, has a sizable number of online fans.

Tatjana is well-known online since she is the daughter of Tyra Banks, an American TV star, and Erik Asla, a well-known photographer and visual artist. Tatjana has a strong attachment with Tyra despite not being her biological daughter.

Tatjana Asla

Tyra Banks, her mother, is a multitalented person. She is a writer, producer, businesswoman, actress, and model. Erik, her father, is a skilled photographer and visual artist, and he exhibits his work on his website and Instagram.

But we’ll talk about her early life, profession, and wealth in the essay that follows. Additionally, there are several other facts including her social and romantic standing.

Early Life and Career

Tatjana Asia’s age ranges from 23 to 27 years old as of 2022. The celebrity child hasn’t, however, revealed her precise and real birthday to the public. Since she was born and reared in Los Angeles, California, we can state with certainty that she is an American by nationality.

Since she has kept most of her personal information from the internet, information regarding her academics is still not found.

Regarding her parents, Erik, her father, is a photographer. Details regarding her biological mother, however, are still a secret. Since Tyra reared her, we may assume that she is her mother.
Tyra assumed parental responsibility for Erik’s children as soon as they started dating. Tatjana also has two other siblings, Taylor and Tatum. Her sisters are still in their adolescent years.

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Tyra is not her biological mother, as was previously reported. This reality is still unknown to many people because Tyra has always treated Tat like her own child. But given that Tyra’s kids are emulating her, we must admit that she is a fantastic mother. Tatjana is seeking a career in modelling, just like her mother.

Tyra is a multifaceted individual with experience as a writer, actress, producer, model, and businesswoman. She was the first African American woman to appear in GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, among other significant modelling accomplishments.

In addition to this, she has worked as a producer for the popular American reality TV series America’s Next Top Model. In addition, she has had numerous jobs on programs like The Tyra Banks Show, America’s Got Talent, FABLife, and Dancing with the Stars.

Tatjana Asla

Yes, she works around the camera much like her parents. The entire family appears to like fiddling with the camera lens. Tatjana models, just like her mother. She made her debut in the modelling industry in 2015 when she walked in the spring 2015 New York Fashion Week.

She represented brands like VFILES and Eckhaus Latta at her very first event. She may be too young, but she already has a strong portfolio from working with photographers like Chenonceau and James Mountford.

She has also collaborated with her father in the past. In addition, she is undoubtedly one of the developing models of her generation based on current work. Additionally, she has already made progress because Elite Models and LA Models have both signed her. This is a significant accomplishment for her as a budding model.
Personal Life

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Tatjana appears to be unmarried as of right now. She is not the subject of any dating rumours. Additionally, she hasn’t disclosed her current romantic status in public yet. It’s also possible that she is dating someone secretly and plans to make it known once it becomes official. Once we have information on her romantic life, we will update this area.

The love tale of Tatjana’s parents was wonderful. Even though they aren’t together right now, when they were dating, they were the centre of attention. Indeed, this power couple originally began dating in 2010.

While performing a show, they became friends. Since that time, they haven’t turned back. Additionally, they have collaborated on a number of shows together, including America’s Next Top Model and Norway’s Next Top Model.

They made the decision to advance their relationship after dating for three years. Therefore, they became legally married to each other in 2013. Despite having a vast age gap, they complemented each other brilliantly.

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Additionally, they had a child together. Unfortunately, Tyra and Erik chose to divorce after four years of marriage. Therefore, they formally filed for divorce in 2017, and they are both now leading happy and independent lives. As they have brought up their children, they are claimed to still get along well.

Net Worth

Tatjana has only recently begun working for herself. She hasn’t accumulated much riches, then. We estimate that she earns 83,400 USD a year as a professional model, which is a respectable amount.

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Her mother Tyra Bank, on the other hand, is extremely wealthy, with a net worth of $90 million. Her work as an actor, model, and writer contributed significantly to her net worth.

She also has her own production company, which has worked on projects like America’s Next Top Model. In a similar vein, she has a range of ice cream products where she makes SMiZECream. As a result of her investments in a variety of businesses, we can undoubtedly claim that she is a formidable businesswoman.

Body Measurement

Tatjana Asla has kept her figure in peak condition because she works as a professional model. She is a professional model and is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She has captured the hearts of many online users with her stunning brown eyes and smooth brown hair. Her estimated body weight is between 50 and 55 kg.

Having said that, her weight varies according to her projects and employment. However, we can unquestionably declare that she is one of the most promising prospects and that we will soon see her as a supermodel.

Social Media

She does indeed have a profile on Instagram. She is currently logged in as @tatjana asla on Instagram. She is only followed by 3,232 followers on Instagram, despite being quite popular online. She has also only made 115 posts to date and currently has 2286 followers.

Well, most of her posts are either about her pals or her job. Unexpectedly, she hasn’t mentioned anything about her parents, her father and mother. She has already made her Instagram public, but Instagram has not yet given it a blue check mark.

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