Untold Facts About Chris Daughtry’s Daughter, Adalynn Rose Daughtry

Adalynn Rose Daughtry is a famous daughter who rose to popularity as Chris Daughtry’s offspring in the United States. Chris is a singer, composer, and actor who finished in the top four of American Idol’s fifth season. He also became well-known for his role as Mac Taylor in the crime drama series CSI: NY.


The couple raising Adalynn Rose Daughtryhas been together for more than two decades. She also has two half-siblings, a twin brother, and a brother.

How Old is Adalynn Rose Daughtry?

Adalynn Rose Daughtry was born in the United States on November 17, 2010. She was delivered via surrogate. The famous child will be 11 years old in 2022. Additionally, she is a Scorpio.

Her Parents

Deanna Daughtry gave birth to Adalynn, and Chris Daughtry was her father who is an actor, singer, and musician. Her mother also practices massage therapy. Sandra Daughtry and Pete Daughtry are also her grandparents.

Adalynn Rose Daughtry Had Three Siblings

Noah James Daughtry, the star child’s twin brother, is 11 years old. Adalynn Rose Daughtryalso shared a step-sibling relationship with Hannah Price and Griffin Price. Hannah is no longer living, though.

Hannah was an entrepreneur and a content producer. According to a post made by her mother Deanna on the occasion of her 24th birthday in 2020, she was born on the 7th of September 1996. She was an outgoing girl who enjoyed spending time with her friends. Griffin, though, is still a mystery to us at this time.

Cause of Her Sister Hannah’s Death

Hannah, a 25-year-old Nashville resident, was discovered dead at her apartment on November 12th, 2021. Chris Daughtry, her stepfather, announced the death via his Instagram account. According to reports, Rose’s older sister committed suicide while she was very drugged.

Adalynn Rose Daughtry

Chris later disclosed that she has experienced mental illness since an early age. To combat it, she visited therapy sessions and recovery facilities. Additionally, he said, she started using drugs as a result of mental pressure.

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She had already been shot in the face. She was once apprehended while running with members of the Humboldt Tennessee gang. She endured a mild case of blindness for more than two years following the incident.

Her Father Started His Career From High School Band

In his high school band, Cadence, Chris sang lead vocals and played rhythm guitar. The group released the album All Eyes on You. Furthermore, in 2005, he went straight to a Denver American Idol audition after being turned down for live performances in Rock Star: INXS. After making it to the final four, he became incredibly famous.

He currently performs for the band Daughtry as both the main vocalist and rhythm guitarist. He started it when he finished fourth on American Idol. The fastest-selling debut rock album in Nielsen SoundScan history was his own, self-titled record.

In addition, he made his acting debut in CSI: New York’s 100th episode. He has also worked on the films Studio City, The Passion, and Batman: Dying is Easy

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Her Mother Is A Massage Therapist And Songwriter

Deanna Daughtry, her mother, is also a songwriter, businesswoman, and social media personality, and also works as a massage therapist.

She and her husband, Chris, appeared in numerous awards and television programs. She also assists him in keeping track of his finances.

She reportedly even composed some songs for her adored hubby, according to rumors.

How Long Have Her Parents Been Married

Since the year 2000, Chris and Deanna have been wed. Every year on November 11th, they gather their loved ones to commemorate their anniversary. Given their respective birthdates, we can estimate that the couple’s age gap is about six years.

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Chris claimed in an interview that before they started dating, he was a vacuum cleaner salesman. And in 2006, their relationship became tense after he received his big break and gained popularity.

The parents were shocked when their daughter passed away. They expressed their love and concern for her in posts on Instagram. The loss of Hannah shocked the entire family.

How Rich is Her Father?

Chris Daughtery currently has an enormous net worth of $8 million. It follows that it is no surprise that she leads a high-quality lifestyle.

Adalynn Rose Daughtry

We could see from Deanna’s Instagram that the family likes each other’s company. They venture outside frequently, whether for a hike or a stroll in the park. One of the images showed the children dressed as various superheroes.

Additionally, they recently visited a beach. In the house, the entire family will occasionally spend time coloring and playing with legos.

Her Father Has Traded Several Houses

Following his elimination from American Idol, he invested $690,000 in real estate in Oak Ridge, North Carolina. Later, he increased the property’s valuation by $30,000 over what he had originally paid, but it remained unsold. But in September 2012, after a protracted relisting, he managed to sell the house for $585k, which was a loss of $105k from the original purchase price.

In 2008, he also purchased a home in Oak Ridge. The 44 acres cost him a total of $1 million. There is a pool, gym, recording studio, and other amenities there. Even though he lost money on the last house he sold, he made a $1.3 million profit on this one.

In a similar vein, Chris purchased a 3,400-square-foot condo for about $1.9 million in May 2014. The Trust, a well-liked structure in Charlotte, was the location.

Body Measurements

The celebrity personality Adalynn Rose Daughtry is approximately 1.21 meters tall, or 3 feet, 4 inches tall. She currently weighs around 25 kg.

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She also has light brown hair and eyes that are slightly gray.

Social Media Accounts

The famous child Adalynn Rose Daughtry hasn’t used any social networking sites. On Instagram, though, her father has 367k followers and 1,990 posts as of this writing. Under @chrisdaughtry, he has more than 1.2k followers that he has followed.

The same goes for 507.1k followers on his official Twitter account. Since he first joined the network, he has followed 631 users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of Chris Daughtry’s youngest daughter?

Chris Daughtry’s youngest daughter is named Adalynn Rose Daughtry.

How many children does Chris Daughtry have?

Chris Daughtry has four children.

What is the gender of Chris Daughtry’s youngest child?

Adalynn Rose Daughtry, Chris Daughtry’s youngest child, is a girl.

Who is the mother of Chris Daughtry’s children?

Chris Daughtry’s wife, Deanna Daughtry, is the mother of all four of their children.

Is Chris Daughtry still married to his wife?

Yes, Chris Daughtry is still married to his wife, Deanna Daughtry.

Does Chris Daughtry have any sons?

Yes, Chris Daughtry has two sons named Griffin and Ryder.

How many biological kids does Chris Daughtry have?

Chris Daughtry has two biological children, Adalynn Rose Daughtry and Noah James Daughtry, and two stepchildren, Hannah Price and Brianne Daughtry.

Is Chris Daughtry still married to his first wife?

No, Chris Daughtry is not still married to his first wife. He is currently married to Deanna Daughtry.

Does Chris Daughtry have a daughter?

Yes, Chris Daughtry has a daughter named Adalynn Rose Daughtry.

How did Chris Daughtry’s daughter Hannah pass away?

Chris Daughtry’s stepdaughter, Hannah Price, passed away by suicide on November 25, 2022 in Fentress County, Tennessee.

Who found Hannah Daughtry?

Hannah Price was found by the Nashville Police Department in her Nashville home.


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