Who is Mona Vand? All About Her

One of the American pharmacists, physicians, bloggers, and television personality is Mona Vand. Her greatest fame emerged as the catalyst for the advancement of the modern pharmacist. She has also appeared in a number of TV shows on NBC, The Telegraph, and The Doctors.


As of right now, Vand is recognized as the inventor of a development known as The Modern Pharmacist. She also has a Youtube account where she provides a variety of videos for her fans on fitness and health.

Mona Vand

Mona thinks that food has the power to heal and that using medicine should only be done as a last resort. She also claims to adore cosmetics, wellness, and plant-based cuisine.

Mona Vand: Early Life and Family

On March 10th, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, she was born in the United States. Vand is also a Pisces, according to his zodiac sign. Mona Vand’s parents appear to have provided her with solid support. Who her father is, though, is unknown. Mojgan Afsahi is the name of Vand’s mother.

She frequently posts images of her mom online. Mona and her mother appear to be close. Her mother is also a well-known microbiologist and medical analyzer.

She works in the medical industry. Afsahi earned a Master’s degree from the College of Saint Rose in Albany.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute awarded her a Bachelor’s Diploma in Biomedical Engineering in 1988. She might make an appearance in the television program Shahs of Sunset, according to online sources.

It is known that Mona Vand has two siblings. She has a brother and sister.

On the other hand, Nema Vand, Vand’s brother, is a cast member of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset. Television reality program.

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Before joining the reality show, Nema worked as a branding executive and digital advertising and marketing professional for numerous businesses.

In addition, he ran a business in Silicon Valley and New York while he was working on the show. In Season 7 of “Shahs of Sunset,” Mona’s brother first made an appearance. Later, Mona made her broadcast debut during Season 8 of the reality series.

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Her Education

The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences graduated Mona Vand. She began her studies in 2003 and received her Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) in 2009 from the school of pharmacy.

Vand has kept her prior educational background a secret. However, we can be certain that she attended medical school wherever she studied. She has a Persian background, therefore in addition to knowing English, she can also speak Farsi.

The character takes great pride in her Persian ancestry. She respects the Iranians’ profound expertise in alternative medicine. She had mentioned how her grandparents could determine what each fruit, vegetable, and type of food was excellent for.

She added that although Iranian Traditional Medicine (ITM) is not as well known, it is comparable to Ayurveda and Chinese medicine in that it classifies meals as warming or cooling.


Mona Vand, who studied pharmacy, completed her internship and worked there from June 2006 to October 2010. She spent more than 4 years working there. Vand worked as a community pharmacist at Rite Aid after her internship ended.

Later, in Los Angeles, California, from 2014 to 2016, Mona worked as an independent pharmacist. To enhance the use of medications and therapeutic results, she offered specialist pharmaceutical services.

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Additionally, she oversaw and organized the work of designated pharmacy technicians who prepared, stored, packaged, and delivered medicines and other supplies in line with doctor’s orders.

Vand also engaged in quality improvement programs, coached many pharmacy trainees, and assisted patients in taking their given medications effectively.

The pharmacist came to the realization that she wanted to do something other than practice medicine full-time in 2015 because she did not like her full-time work life. Mona is currently a Health, Wellness, & Beauty Blogger at as a result.

Vand possesses a variety of abilities in addition to her work in the health sector. She has come to understand that research and public speaking are two of her strengths.

Personal Life

As of right now, Mona Vand doesn’t appear to be dating anyone. She is close with Gary Vee, a buddy who she last saw at Super Bowl LVI in mid-February 2022.

mona vand

He was spotted snapping photos with several well-known experts and rivals.

Mona provided a picture of herself from the occasion along with a cute image of them in a replacement post. Gary also published a photo from the occasion.

Gary Vaynerchuk Bio

He was born on November 14th, 1975 in the Soviet Union’s Babruysk, Byelorussian SSR. He is a citizen of the United States and is well-known for his business acumen, use of social media, and angel investment.

Additionally, Resy, a firm that provides software for restaurant reservations, and Empathy wines were also founded by Gary.

As the chairman of the New York-based communications firm VaynerX, he was formerly a wine critic and is now well-known in social media and digital marketing. He also serves as CEO of VaynerMedia, a division of VaynerX.

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Mona Vand Net Worth

Mona Vand is thought to have a $4 million net worth. She hasn’t yet made the precise information public, though. She makes money in a variety of ways, including her online store, Youtube channel, and more.

Social Media

Influencer Mona Vand uses social media extensively. She has the Instagram handle @monavand, where you may find her. She has 436K verified followers on Instagram and has shared a total of 1743 posts with them.

Mona frequently shares content about fitness, nutrition, and aesthetics. Her social media profiles have a very appealing design. Vand is also active on TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

She also posts material on her 644K-subscriber Youtube channel that is devoted to health and fitness. She started her YouTube channel on April 17, 2015, and as of today, it has 33 million views.


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