Juju Castaneda Biography

Juju Castaneda has attracted attention from people all over the world thanks to her relaxed demeanour and good beauty. 

Reality TV programs have helped a lot of celebrities become famous. 

They have captured viewers in that arena since making their TV debuts on reality programs. Suddenly, Juju became well-known thanks to the VH! reality television series titled Love & Hip.

Juju Castaneda is a businesswoman, actress, and TV personality from the United States. Her rise to fame on reality TV has allowed her to pursue a variety of careers as an independent woman. She is also a well-known author, to add to that.

Juju Castaneda

Early Life and Career

Juju Castaneda is 41 years old as of right now. In actuality, she was born on March 21, 1981. Her natal sign is Aries as a result. 

She is an American citizen and is originally from Brooklyn, New York. But after her family relocated to Miami, Florida, she was raised there. 

An Afro-Latina with pride, Juju Castaneda. She was born to American immigrants of Afro-Cuban descent. In the year 1980, her parents emigrated to the US. She is therefore a mixed-race person. 

Additionally, she has two siblings: Jacquelyn, a sister, and Jose Ernesto, an elder brother. She has a manager who is her sister’s employee.

The TV personality is also very candid about her encounters with racism and colourism. She has talked about how her time in Brooklyn and Miami affected her, as well as how colourism affects the Afro-Latina community. 

She discussed body issues among younger women, self-acceptance, and stereotypes about fat and voluptuous women. 

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After graduating from high school, the 41-year-old actress enrolled at Barry University. She has a master’s in public administration and a BSC in business. 

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We still don’t know where she finished her high school coursework, though. Juju also holds a real estate broker license. 

An author, actress, and businesswoman, Juju Castaneda also writes.

Castaneda is a TV personality with many facets. Through the TV show Love & Hip Hop: New York and later participating as a supporting cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

She is the proprietor of Candy Jewels hair, a hair care and wig business that is not limited to TV episodes and series. She is also a native Spanish and English speaker. 

Even more intriguing, most of us are unaware of Juju’s previous employment in the airport industry. 

She started working as a security screener at Orlando International Airport when she was barely 16 years old.

She left her home in Miami and relocated to Orlando for this position. The fact that she worked as a teenage screener is rather amusing. 

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In 2016, Juju Castaneda began her career as a member of the supporting cast of the seventh season of the reality television program Love & Hip Hop: New York on VH1. 

She had previously been invited by Mona Scott-Young to participate in the third season, but she declined. 

She made her runway debut at New York Fashion Week in 2014 and was also featured in Cameron’s song Devil. 

Juju Castaneda

She was also promoted to the main cast for the eighth and ninth seasons of VH1 after the enthusiastic reception from the audience.

She moved through the Secrets of a Jewel set as the primary cast. 

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She has also frequently appeared as a guest in Love & Hip Hop: Miami for her buddy Amara La Negra. 

Regarding her acting experience, she appeared in the 2019 thriller Don’t Shoot the Messenger. 

She also makes an appearance on Sunday in the criminal comedy I Got the Hook-Up 2. 

The businesswoman has prior experience in the social welfare field. Being an Afro-Latina, she has encountered many difficulties in her journey. 

She also participates in a donation program. More specifically, she raised more than $200K to support Cuban orphanage children. 

Personal Life

Cam’ron, an American rapper, and the actress were dating. Due to Juju Castaneda and Cam’ron’s outstanding performance on Love & Hip Hop: New York, fans truly assumed that they would get married. 

Within a short while, fans began to adore this couple. She first met him in 2002, and they began dating in 2007. In 2013, the pair decided to propose.

Sadly, they were forced to separate ways in 2017. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, she admitted that they chose to separate from concentrating on each person’s job.

Well, their breakup shocked their admirers to the core. Many people thought they would reconcile, but there was never any hope of that. Following their divorce on social media, things became hot and spicy. 

Juju Castaneda has been married. 

CEO22Wayz is the name of the man who is happily married to Juju. Examining CEO22Wayz’s Instagram account reveals that he is undoubtedly a businessperson. The identity of her husband, who they married in Las Vegas, is still a mystery. 

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Her followers do appreciate that she prefers to keep her private life out of the media glare. Juju hinted at it all in a tale she posted on Instagram, tagging a photo of a hotel room “Forever” and adding a ring emoji.

Many of her fans genuinely enjoyed the online rumours about her impending marriage. Thanks to The Shade Room for posting videos of Juju’s passionate kisses on Instagram. Nevertheless, Juju hasn’t revealed whether or not she walked down the aisle with this man. 

Net Worth

There is currently no relevant information available regarding her precise net worth. She has undoubtedly already amassed a substantial chunk of money over her successful career, though. 

Her estimated net worth is undoubtedly in the millions. Well, she makes money in several different ways. She allegedly earned $15K every episode from the Love and Money franchise. She runs a business and makes a ton of money with Candy Jewels Hair.

She has unquestionably accumulated significant wealth through her work as a real estate broker in Florida to selling Secret of Jewel books. 

Social Media

Under the login name @iamjuju_, we may see the actress’s massively followed Instagram account. Her Instagram account has already been verified. 

She already has 3.1 million followers on her Instagram account. She also has 129 posts and 602 followers. Her steamy bikini shoots have made her the most well-known. 

In addition, she used Twitter frequently. She signed up for Twitter in June 2011. She has more than 9.6K followers and 2.2K tweets on her Twitter account. She hasn’t tweeted, though, since February 1st of this year.

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