All You Need To Know About Dianna Russini Husband Kevin Goldschmidt

Only a small percentage of the world’s female population enjoys sports today. Most women would prefer to work in other fields rather than handling a ball or commentating on sports. Dianna Russini, on the other hand, was one of the few who fell in love with sports when she was much younger.


She has brought her passion for sports to the big screen as the anchor of ESPN’s SportsCenter. There is no doubt that Dianna is one of the world’s most unusual females.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about, Dianna russini husband Kevin , her net worth, Height, Marital life, and children.

Dianna Russini’s Age and Biography

Dianna Marie Russini was born and raised in New York City as Dianna Marie Russini on February 11, 1983, and has always had a passion for sports. She desired a niche for both journalism and sports while attending Old Tappan High School in New Jersey, but her desire for sports was stronger. 

Dianna Russini was a four-sport All-State athlete in high school, competing in basketball, soccer, softball, and track. She was an expert in track events, a decent soccer player, and a three-year starter for her high school’s basketball team.

Dianna attended George Mason University after graduating from high school and was recruited to the school’s soccer team despite the fact that she wasn’t particularly good at the sport. 

She recognized her flaws in the game and resolved to put in more effort in practice; as a result, she quickly surpassed her peers and advanced to the Divison 1 level. By the end of her second year at university, she had been named the starting striker for the school team.

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While Dianna Russini advanced in the field, she never lost her passion for journalism, knowing that it would take more than a few years to unravel it during her first few years at the University. She later became an intern at some local radio stations after making a name for herself on the school team. Russini continued to shift from one radio station to another until the 9/11 attacks, which prompted her to leave sports and focus solely on journalism.

Dianna Russini Got Married in 2020

In terms of their married life, Dianna and Kevin have been living together since they married on September 26th, 2020. Despite the small number of people present, the ceremony was magnificent.

According to various sources, the couple had been in a romantic relationship for several years before deciding to take the next step and exchange wedding vows. The marriage was held in a private ceremony, following social distancing protocol.

The wedding, however, was live-streamed to the rest of their relatives. For those who were unable to attend the wedding due to the covid-19 pandemic, Dianna has shared a photo of her wedding with her Instagram followers.

Furthermore, there hasn’t been any news about Dianna and Kevin getting divorced or being separated from each other on the internet as of yet. So, based on the facts, we can conclude that their marriage as husband and wife is going well.

Carli Lloyd and Dianna Russini

Dianna Russini and Carli Lloyd on the set of SportsCenter

Dianna Russini then worked as a Student Sideline Reporter for Comcast from 2003 to 2005, when she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. From 2005 to 2007, she worked as a newscaster for News 12 Westchester.

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According to answersafrica blog She went on to work for WNBC in New York, Comcast Sports in Seattle and Portland, NBC 30 in West Hartford, Connecticut, and NBC in Washington, D.C. Dianna passed an interview conducted by ESPN that year and was hired as the anchor of Sports Center, a position she has held to this day.

Dianna Russini husband isThe Director At Shake Shack

Dianna Russini, a journalist, married her long-term boyfriend, Kevin Goldschmidt. According to various sources, the couple married in the year 2020.

According to her Linkedin profile, her partner, Kevin, is currently the director of Total Rewards at Shake Shack. He was hired as Senior Manager at Shake Shack in October of 2019.

Her husband previously worked at AmerisourceBergen as the Manager, Executive Compensation, and Compensation Analyst.

How old is dianna russini

Kevin Goldschmidt is 37 years old and was born on June 6, 1985, in the United States.

Every year on June 6th, he celebrates his birthday with his wife, relatives, and family. He will be 37 years old in December of 2022.

Dianna Russini Have a Beautiful Son

Yes, Russini and her beloved husband have a son named Michael Andrew. Their son was born in the summer of 2021. He is their only child to date.

Furthermore, there is no news in the media about Dianna becoming pregnant again, nor has an official statement been issued. However, if they announce that they are going to be parents again in the future, we will definitely update the data on our page as soon as possible.

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What is her height?

Dianna Russini embodies the phrase “beauty with brains.” She is a stunningly beautiful woman. She stands 5 feet 11 inches tall and is estimated to have bust, hip, and waist measurements of 32-24-34 inches.

The Wrap

Dianna Russini, ESPN’s stunning NFL reporter, surprised her social media followers by announcing her engagement in 2020. Later that year, she married her now-husband, Kevin Goldschmidt.

While Russini has stated that she was previously single, she has kept her romantic life mostly private.

So, until they got engaged, no one knew she was even dating Goldschmidt. That’s why her fans are curious about Kevin Goldschmidt. So now we know everything about Dianna Russini’s husband.

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