Amber Plath Age, Family, Wiki, Net worth, Career, and Boyfriend

Amber Plath is an American child celebrity best known for her role on TLC’s Welcome to Plathville.


Welcome to Plathville is a reality television show that debuted in 2019. The show, like many reality TV shows, focused on a family.

The show revolves around the Plath family, which is led by Kim and Barry Plath. They are also the parents of nine children.

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Amber Plath Age, and biography

Amber is one of Barry and Kim Plath’s nine children from their huge extended family. Barry and Kim Plath welcomed Amber into the world on February 24, 2009.

Her parents are both working professionals in addition to being reality TV personalities. Barry, Kim’s father, is a naturopathic doctor who works for URS Transportation as a transportation planner.

In her big extended family, she has eight additional siblings, brothers, and sisters. In terms of Amber’s educational background, we think she attends a private college.

She became well-known as a result of the television show.

Amber is too young to start her own business. She rose to prominence after being one of the Plath family’s eight children. She is unmistakably one of the stars of TLC’s reality television show.

Amber’s Relationship with Her Brothers and Sisters

Amber has eight siblings, and having such a large family may be challenging in and of itself. Despite this, she has developed strong bonds with all of her brothers and sisters. Now we’ll talk about her brothers and sisters in a little more detail.

  • Ethan Plath is the oldest of Plath’s children, and he is 23 years old. Since October 2018, he has been married to Olivia.
  • Hosanna Plath is a 22-year-old lady who is the Plath family’s second in line. She is a married woman as well. The young woman is a musician and is married to her longtime boyfriend, Timothy Noble of Ohio.
  • Micah Plath is a 20-year-old male. He is a model who promotes his recent works on Instagram. According to sources, he is signed with Select Model Management, a global modeling agency.
  • Moriah Plath is a musical artist that is 19 years old. Micah and Moriah have moved out of the house for the time being.
  • Issac Plath: Issac is roughly 15 years old, and she, like his sister Lydia, lives with her parents.
  • Cassia and Mercy Plath, on the other hand, are 10 and 9 years old, respectively. They are both students at school. Amber’s younger brother, Joshua, died when he was only one year old. On September 19, 2008, he died.
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Amber Plath’s net worth 

Amber’s net worth has not yet been revealed as of the time of writing this article. It is apparent that she is a student who receives her pocket money from her parents and relies on them to meet her material needs.

She is still a small child, but she will probably earn a decent living when she grows up.

Amber Plath’s Body Measurements

She is a good height and weighs about the same as other youngsters her age. She has a thin body and a cheery demeanor.

Amber Plath’s Social Media

Amber isn’t on any social media platforms. At this time, her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles are all active.

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