15 Unskilled Jobs In The USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now!

Are you looking for unskilled jobs in the USA, look no further because we have got you covered with this blog post. For people without much experience looking for jobs in the USA with visa support, the pay can vary widely, from about $7.69 to $39.42 per hour. This means a monthly income of roughly $1,333 to $6,833 and an annual salary ranging from $16,000 to $82,000. These numbers come from recent studies and show the current job opportunities for unskilled workers in the USA.

Research indicates that many unskilled jobs in the USA offer visa sponsorship for those who are willing and able to work. You can apply for these jobs even if you don’t have prior experience or specific skills.

Getting a job in the US with free visa sponsorship can be quite challenging for foreigners. You can’t apply for a work visa until you have an employer in the United States who is ready and willing to offer you a job.

What Are Unskilled Jobs In The USA?

Unskilled Jobs in USA

Jobs that don’t need professional experience, special training, or higher education are called unskilled jobs. They involve simple tasks that anyone, even those without experience, can do.

Requirements For Getting A Job In The US With Visa Sponsorship

To secure free visa sponsorship in the United States, you need to meet specific requirements:

  1. You must be of African origin.
  2. Before applying, ensure you have the necessary visa photos.
  3. Your height should meet certain criteria, with a minimum of 1.65 for men and 1.60 for women.
  4. You’ll need to provide your birth certificate as part of the employment process.
  5. Having computer skills is essential for potential applicants.

Tips On How To Get A Job In The USA With Free Visa Sponsorship

Here are some steps to follow when seeking a job in the US with free visa sponsorship:

  1. Search for jobs in the H1B visa sponsors database.
  2. Apply for the job you’re interested in.
  3. The employer should be open to hiring you even if you’re not a US citizen.
  4. Ensure that the company you apply to knows you’re not a US citizen.
  5. Look for opportunities in global consulting firms.
  6. Consider boutique consulting companies.
  7. Explore job opportunities at US universities.

Top 14 Visa Sponsorship Companies In The USA

Unskilled Jobs in USA

Many companies in the US offer H1B sponsorship. These companies exist in all fields and offer some of the best opportunities for H1-B visa holders in the US. Below are the top 7 sponsorship companies in the US

  1. Microsoft: Microsoft is a big tech company in the US, and they offer H1-B sponsorships. They pay well, and you might expect a salary starting around $80,000 to $120,000 or more depending on your role.
  2. Google: Google is another major tech company known for H1-B sponsorships. Salaries at Google can vary, but they typically start around $90,000 to $130,000 and can go much higher for experienced professionals.
  3. Amazon: Amazon, a well-known e-commerce and tech company, also provides H1-B sponsorships. Salaries typically range from $70,000 to $120,000 or more.
  4. Cognizant: Cognizant is an IT services company in the US. Salary ranges can vary depending on the role, but they often start at around $60,000 to $100,000.
  5. Infosys: Infosys is another IT services company. Salaries usually start around $60,000 to $100,000 for H1-B employees.
  6. Capgemini: Capgemini offers IT and consulting services. Salaries for H1-B workers can range from $70,000 to $110,000.
  7. Tata Consultancy: Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services company. H1-B salaries can begin at approximately $60,000 to $100,000.
  8. Apple: Apple is a major tech company in the US. Salaries vary, but they often start at around $90,000 to $130,000 or more.
  9. Tech Mahindra: Tech Mahindra provides IT and outsourcing services. H1-B salaries can range from $70,000 to $110,000.
  10. Intel: Intel is a technology company. Salaries typically start at $80,000 to $120,000 or more.
  11. JPMorgan Chase: JPMorgan Chase is a financial institution. Salaries for H1-B employees can range from $80,000 to $140,000 or more.
  12. Salesforce: Salesforce is a software company. Salaries often start at $90,000 to $130,000 or higher.
  13. Accenture: Accenture offers consulting and technology services. Salaries for H1-B workers can range from $70,000 to $120,000.
  14. Deloitte: Deloitte is a professional services firm. H1-B salaries can start at around $70,000 to $120,000.
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Top 11 Unskilled Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

In this section of the article, You will get to know the top 11 unskilled jobs that are available in the US for foreigners with visa sponsorship.

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  1. Parking Attendant – Parking attendants help customers park their vehicles in various establishments, like malls or events. They often earn around minimum wage, which varies by location, but it’s typically between $7 and $15 per hour.
  2. Line Operator – Line operators work in manufacturing and assembly lines, ensuring products are produced correctly. Salaries can range from $9 to $18 per hour.
  3. Fast Food Worker – Fast food workers prepare and serve food in restaurants. They typically earn around the minimum wage, which varies by location, but it’s typically between $7 and $15 per hour.
  4. Cleaner or Janitor – Cleaners and janitors maintain the cleanliness of buildings. They may earn around $9 to $16 per hour.
  5. Construction Laborer – Construction laborers assist with various tasks on construction sites. Wages for construction laborers can range from $12 to $25 per hour.
  6. Information Desk Clerk – Information desk clerks provide information and assistance to visitors. Their salaries may vary but often fall in the range of $10 to $17 per hour.
  7. Vegetable Harvester – Vegetable harvesters work in agriculture, picking crops. Their earnings vary depending on the crop and location, but it’s typically around $8 to $15 per hour.
  8. Sewing Machine Operator – Sewing machine operators work in textile and apparel industries. They can earn between $10 and $16 per hour.
  9. Messenger – Messengers deliver packages and documents. Salaries can range from $10 to $20 per hour.
  10. Housekeeper – Housekeepers maintain the cleanliness of homes and hotels. Their earnings can vary, typically ranging from $9 to $15 per hour.
  11. Delivery Driver – Delivery drivers transport goods or food to customers. They may earn around $10 to $20 per hour, depending on the type of delivery and location.

Which US Visa  Is For Unskilled Workers?

Unfortunately, there is no specific US visa category for unskilled workers. The US immigration system prioritizes skilled workers and individuals with specific talents or qualifications. However, other pathways to immigrating to the US may be relevant depending on your circumstances. Here are some options to explore:

  1. Family-based visas: If you have close relatives who are US citizens or green card holders, you may be eligible for a family-based visa. This is the most common path for immigration to the US.
  2. Employment-based visas: While most employment-based visas require specific skills or education, there are a few options for unskilled workers in certain industries, such as seasonal agricultural workers or temporary workers in specific sectors with labor shortages. However, these options are limited and often have strict requirements.
  3. Diversity Visa Lottery: The Diversity Visa Lottery, also known as the green card lottery, offers a limited number of visas each year to individuals from countries with historically low immigration rates to the US. This is a random draw lottery and does not require any specific skills or qualifications.
  4. Refugee or asylum: If you are fleeing persecution in your home country, you may be eligible for refugee or asylum status in the US. This is a complex process with specific criteria and should be pursued with the guidance of an immigration attorney.

It’s important to remember that immigrating to the US can be a complex and lengthy process, and it’s crucial to research your options carefully and seek professional guidance from an immigration attorney to determine the best path for your specific situation.

Can I Get A U.S. Work Visa Without Sponsorship?

In most cases, obtaining a U.S. work visa requires a sponsoring employer. However, there are a few limited exceptions where you might be eligible without sponsorship. Here’s a breakdown:

Without Sponsorship:

  • EB-1 Visa (Extraordinary Ability): This visa is for individuals with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. To qualify, you must demonstrate sustained national or international acclaim in your field and meet strict evidentiary requirements.
  • EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW): This option falls under the EB-2 category for individuals with advanced degrees or exceptional ability. You can self-petition without a sponsor if your work is deemed to be in the national interest of the U.S. and meets specific criteria.
  • EB-5 Investor Visa: If you invest at least $500,000 (or $1 million in certain areas) in a new commercial enterprise that creates at least 10 full-time jobs for U.S. citizens, you may be eligible for an EB-5 visa. This is known as the “investor visa” and doesn’t require a formal job offer.
  • O-1 Visa (Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement): Similar to the EB-1, this visa is for individuals with extraordinary ability in science, arts, education, business, athletics, or film/television. You must demonstrate sustained international acclaim and meet specific criteria to qualify.
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With Sponsorship:

  • H-1B Visa (Specialty Occupations): This is a common visa for professionals in fields like engineering, computer science, healthcare, and education. It requires your employer to petition for you and demonstrate your qualifications for the specific specialty occupation.
  • L-1 Visa (Intracompany Transfer): This visa allows multinational companies to transfer employees from their foreign offices to their U.S. offices. Your employer must sponsor you and demonstrate the legitimacy of the transfer.
  • Other Employment-Based Visas: Various other employment-based visas exist for specific needs and categories, often requiring employer sponsorship.

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Can Unskilled Workers Migrate To The USA?

Migrating to the USA, particularly for unskilled workers, can be challenging but not entirely impossible. It’s important to understand that there are limited options and navigating the process requires careful consideration and potentially seeking professional guidance.

Here’s a breakdown of the landscape:

General Challenges:

  • Priority System: The US immigration system prioritizes skilled workers, individuals with specific talents, or those with family ties in the country. Unskilled workers face a more limited path.
  • Visa Restrictions: Most work visas require sponsorship from an employer, which can be difficult to secure for unskilled roles.

Potential Pathways (Explore thoroughly and with guidance):

  • Family-Based Immigration: If you have close relatives who are US citizens or green card holders, you might be eligible for a family-based visa. This is often the most viable route for many.
  • Diversity Visa Lottery: The Diversity Visa Lottery offers a limited number of visas each year through a random draw, regardless of skills or qualifications. However, the chances of winning are low.
  • Specific Employment Programs: Certain programs cater to temporary unskilled labor needs in specific sectors like agriculture or seasonal work. However, these options are limited and often have strict requirements.

Important Considerations:

  • Research thoroughly: Each pathway has its own eligibility criteria, application procedures, and processing times. Research extensively and ensure you meet all requirements before pursuing any option.
  • Seek professional guidance: Consulting an immigration attorney can be invaluable. They can assess your situation, advise on the best path, and help navigate the complex legal process.
  • Realistic expectations: Understand that migrating as an unskilled worker can be a lengthy and challenging journey. Be prepared for potential hurdles and setbacks.

What Is The Easiest Way To Get A Work Permit In The USA?

nfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all “easy” way to obtain a work permit in the USA. The difficulty and complexity largely depend on your individual circumstances, qualifications, and immigration status. However, I can offer some general insights to help you navigate the process:

Consider your starting point:

  • Are you already in the USA? If so, your options might differ depending on your current visa status (e.g., tourist, student, etc.).
  • Are you outside the USA? If so, you’ll need to secure a work visa before applying for a work permit (EAD).

Explore your eligibility:

  • Do you have any family members who are US citizens or green card holders? Family-based visas might be your easiest path.
  • Do you possess exceptional skills or talent? You might be eligible for specialized visas like EB-1 or O-1.
  • Do you have a job offer in the USA? Having an employer sponsor your visa can significantly streamline the process.
  • Do you qualify for any specific programs or initiatives? Certain programs cater to temporary unskilled labor needs or offer green card opportunities through investment.

Seek professional guidance:

  • Consulting an immigration attorney is crucial. They can assess your situation, advise on the best path, and help navigate the legalities and complexities of the process.
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What Is The Minimum Age For A U.S. Work Visa?

There is no specific minimum age for obtaining a U.S. work visa. However, the ability to secure a work visa depends on several factors, including:

1. Type of Work Visa:

  • Most employment-based visas: These generally require the applicant to be at least 18 years old, as they often involve specific job skills or qualifications typically acquired through education and work experience.
  • Certain exceptions: Some visas, like the O-1 visa for individuals with extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, athletics, business, or film/television, might consider exceptional talent in younger applicants. However, these exceptions are rare and require strong evidence of exceptional achievement.

2. Child Labor Laws:

  • The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets minimum age requirements for various work activities within the US, even for U.S. citizens. These restrictions apply regardless of visa status.
  • For example, most jobs require workers to be at least 16 years old, with some exceptions for specific types of work (e.g., babysitting, newspaper delivery) allowed for 14- and 15-year-olds.

3. Education Requirements:

  • Some work visas, like the H-1B visa for specialty occupations, often require the applicant to hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. This indirectly sets a minimum age, as most individuals complete these degrees by their early 20s.

Therefore, while there’s no official minimum age for a U.S. work visa, the practical realities of eligibility and legal restrictions often limit it to individuals in their late teens or older.


Navigating the world of unskilled jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship can feel like traversing a winding mountain path. While challenges abound, the desire for a better future and the glimmer of opportunity can light the way. Remember, the journey isn’t about sprinting to the top; it’s about taking steady steps, researching your options, and seeking support.


What is the shortest work visa in the US?

Shortest Initial Duration:
B-1 in Transit Visa: Valid for only up to 29 days within six months, specifically for short-term business activities during travel through the US.
C-1 Transit Visa: Same as B-1 in Transit, valid for up to 29 days for crew members of planes or ships transiting through the US.

What is the fastest work visa for the USA?

TN Visa (NAFTA Professionals): Available to citizens of Canada and Mexico for specific professional occupations. Processing times can be quicker than other visa categories due to the NAFTA agreement.
H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers: This visa is specifically for seasonal agricultural work and may have faster processing times, especially during peak seasons.
E-1/E-2 Treaty Trader/Treaty Investor Visas: These visas are for individuals involved in substantial trade or investment with the US from certain treaty countries. Processing times can be quicker for applicants with strong supporting documentation.
Certain L Visa categories: L-1A for multinational managers/executives and L-1B for specialized knowledge professionals may have expedited processing options for qualifying applicants.

Can I change my tourist visa to a work visa in the USA?

While technically possible, changing your tourist visa to a work visa within the US is challenging and can have negative consequences. Carefully consider the risks and explore alternative pathways before attempting this route. Consulting with an immigration attorney is highly recommended for professional guidance on your specific situation and the best approach for achieving your goals.

How fast can you get a work permit in the USA?

With Sponsorship and Standard Processing: Expect a total time of 6 months to a year or even longer, depending on the visa category and USCIS workload.
Without Sponsorship and Standard Processing: Potentially faster depending on visa availability and eligibility, but still expect several months for the entire process.
With Sponsorship and Premium Processing: Potentially faster than standard processing, but remember, this option is not available for all visas and still requires the initial visa approval timeline.

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