Caregiver Jobs In UK 2024 With Visa Sponsorship – APPLY NOW!

Caregiver Jobs In UK

If you want to move to the United States, you can find caregiver jobs in UK in 2024 with visa support. In the UK, they really need care workers. It’s a good time to consider moving if you’re interested. Many international caregivers are being welcomed to the country due to the high job demand.

When you think of a caregiver, you may picture someone who helps those in hospitals or clinics. But caregivers often work outside these places. Their main role is to provide care services to individuals who struggle with independence due to old age or disabilities.

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Who Is A Care Giver?

A caregiver, also sometimes called a carer or support worker, is anyone who provides assistance to another person who needs help with daily living due to illness, disability, age, or mental health concerns. This care can range from basic tasks like bathing and dressing to more complex medical care and emotional support.

Benefits Of Working As A Caregiver In The UK

There are several benefits to working as a caregiver in the UK, both intrinsic and extrinsic, that might appeal to potential candidates. Here are some of the key ones:

Intrinsic Benefits:

  • Making a Difference: Caregiving offers the opportunity to directly impact and improve the lives of others, providing valuable support and assistance to those in need. This can be a highly rewarding and fulfilling experience.
  • Personal Growth and Development: Working as a caregiver involves learning new skills, developing empathy, compassion, and communication abilities. You might also gain experience in different care settings and with diverse individuals, contributing to your personal growth.
  • Job Satisfaction: Helping others and witnessing their progress can lead to high levels of job satisfaction and a sense of purpose in your work.

Extrinsic Benefits:

  • Visa Sponsorship: Many care employers in the UK offer visa sponsorship, facilitating relocation and providing a pathway to long-term residency for eligible individuals.
  • Competitive Salary and Benefits: Depending on the employer, location, and experience, caregiver roles can offer competitive salaries and benefits packages, including paid holidays, pension schemes, and training opportunities.
  • Flexible Working: Caregiving often allows for flexible work schedules, including part-time options, weekend shifts, and live-in arrangements. This can be ideal for those seeking work-life balance or accommodating other commitments.
  • Career Progression: The UK care sector is growing, presenting opportunities for career advancement through acquiring additional qualifications and specializing in specific areas of care.
  • Travel and Experience: Live-in care positions can offer the chance to travel and experience different regions of the UK while working.

What Is UK Visa Sponsorship For Employers

UK Visa Sponsorship for Employers is the permission that allows British employers to provide a Certificate of Sponsorship to foreign individuals who come to the UK under a work visa. To be a foreign worker in the UK, you must possess the necessary qualifications, experience, and skills for the job.

For foreign individuals working in the UK, the following requirements apply:

  1. Visa: Depending on your home country, you may need a visa to live and work in the UK. EU citizens are exempt from this requirement, but citizens from other countries need a visa to apply.
  2. National Insurance Number (NIN): To work and contribute to the UK’s national insurance system, you need an NI number. This number also entitles you to benefits like student loans and public pensions.
  3. Bank Account: You will need a British pound-denominated bank account to receive your salary.
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Eligibility For Caregiver Jobs In UK With Visa SponsorshIP

To work as a caregiver in the UK with visa sponsorship, you need to meet specific requirements set by the UK government and your potential employer. Here’s a breakdown of the key criteria:

General Requirements:

  • Nationality: You must not be a British citizen or have the right to live and work in the UK already.
  • Visa: You need a visa specifically designed for healthcare workers like the Health and Care Worker visa.
  • Job Offer: You must have a confirmed job offer from a Home Office-approved sponsor in the UK healthcare sector (NHS, care agencies, etc.).
  • English Language: Demonstrate proficiency in English through approved tests like UKVI IELTS with minimum scores depending on the visa type.
  • Police Check: Provide a clear criminal record certificate from your home country.

Additional Requirements (may vary by employer):

  • Qualifications: Depending on the specific care role, you might need relevant qualifications in healthcare, social care, or a related field (e.g., NVQ in Health and Social Care).
  • Experience: Some employers may require minimum experience in caregiving roles (e.g., 1-2 years).
  • Other: Driving license, specific care certifications, specific cultural understanding, etc.

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Best Caregiver Companies To Work For In The UK

  1. Capability Scotland
  2. Nurseplus
  3. Greensleeves Care
  4. City Health Care Partnership
  5. Abbeyfield
  6. Virgin Care
  7. Marie Curie
  8. Care Plus
  9. Framework
  10. Capability Scotland
  11. Belfast Trust

Types Of Caregiver Jobs In UK

  1. Helping with Personal Care: Assisting with bathing, dressing, toileting, and exercise.
  2. Basic Food Preparation: Making meals, grocery shopping, housekeeping, laundry, and running errands.
  3. General Health Care: Managing medications and prescriptions, reminding about appointments, and administering medicine.
  4. Social Care: Accompanying them to parks, assisting with grocery shopping, etc.
  5. Assistance with Shopping
  6. Kitchen Help

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Website For Finding Caregiver Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship

  1. Fast Hair – This website provides job services in China, the USA, India, Nigeria, and more. You can find overseas job opportunities and caregiver jobs in the United States with visa sponsorship.
  2. Westgate – Westgate is a healthcare company that offers job opportunities for caregivers. They also have open positions for caregiver candidates.
  3. Right At Home – Right at Home is a highly trusted company in the UK. They assist many individuals in living happily and independently in their own homes.
  4. Trinity HomeCare – Trinity HomeCare provides customized daily and live-in care services, allowing clients to live independently in the comfort of their homes.

How To Get A Caregiver Job In The UK From Nigeria?

Here’s how you can approach getting a caregiver job in the UK from Nigeria:

Step 1: Research and Eligibility:

  • Visa Requirements: Understand the necessary visa type (Health and Care Worker visa) and its eligibility criteria, including English language proficiency and minimum salary levels. Research the UK government website and trusted immigration resources.
  • Job Market: Explore UK job boards like Indeed, NHS Jobs, and care agency websites for caregiver positions offering visa sponsorship. Research typical salaries, qualifications, and experience requirements.
  • Skills and Qualifications: Assess your current skills and qualifications. Consider relevant caregiving experience, any healthcare-related training, and language proficiency. Identify any gaps and consider upskilling through online courses or certifications.

Step 2: Enhance your profile:

  • Build a strong resume: Highlight your caregiving experience, emphasizing transferable skills like compassion, communication, and problem-solving. Quantify achievements and tailor your resume to specific job descriptions.
  • Prepare a cover letter: Show genuine interest in the UK care sector and the specific employer. Mention your eligibility for the visa and highlight relevant skills and qualifications.
  • Practice your English: Enroll in English language courses or practice tests like IELTS to meet the required proficiency level for the visa.
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Step 3: Job applications and networking:

  • Apply strategically: Target jobs matching your experience and qualifications that explicitly mention visa sponsorship. Tailor your application materials to each position.
  • Network with care agencies and organizations: Connect with UK-based care agencies, recruiters, or Nigerian organizations specializing in UK job placements. Attend virtual career fairs or online forums to build connections.
  • Utilize online platforms: Join online communities or groups focused on UK care jobs or Nigerian professionals seeking opportunities abroad. Seek advice and share experiences.

Step 4: Visa application and interview:

  • Seek professional guidance: Consider consulting an immigration lawyer or advisor to ensure your visa application is accurate and complete.
  • Prepare for interviews: Research common interview questions for caregiver roles and practice your responses. Emphasize your passion for caregiving, cultural adaptability, and commitment to working in the UK.
  • Gather necessary documents: Ensure you have all required documents like your passport, qualifications, proof of funds, and employer-sponsored visa documents ready for submission.

How Much Do Caregivers Make In The UK With Visa Sponsorship?

  • Average salary: The average annual salary for a caregiver in the UK is around £23,156, which translates to roughly £11.88 per hour.
  • Minimum salary for visa sponsorship: To qualify for the Health and Care Worker visa, you typically need to be offered a salary at least at the going rate for your specific care role, which can be higher than the national average. The going rate varies for different roles, so you’ll need to check the government website for the specific occupation code.
  • Salary range with visa sponsorship: Based on job postings and salary reports, caregivers with visa sponsorship in the UK typically earn between £20,963 and £30,323 per year, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Which Care Agency Has Visa Sponsorship In The UK?

Examples of Care Agencies with Visa Sponsorship:

How Do I Get A Sponsor To Work As A Care Worker UK?

Finding a sponsor for a care worker role in the UK isn’t about directly “getting” one, but rather strategically searching and demonstrating your qualifications to an agency or employer willing to sponsor you. Here’s how you can increase your chances:

Eligibility Check:

  • Ensure you meet the Health and Care Worker visa requirements, including English language proficiency and minimum salary levels.
  • Research specific care roles and occupation codes to understand their going rates and eligibility criteria.

Targeted Search:

Strong Application Materials:

  • Craft a compelling resume highlighting your caregiving experience, transferable skills, and achievements. Quantify your impact and tailor it to specific job descriptions.
  • Write a persuasive cover letter expressing your passion for caregiving, eligibility for the visa, and relevant skills aligned with the agency’s values.
  • Prepare for interviews by practicing common questions and emphasizing your cultural adaptability and commitment to working in the UK.
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Networking and Visibility:

  • Attend virtual career fairs or online forums focused on UK care jobs or Nigerian professionals seeking overseas placements.
  • Join online communities and groups related to the UK care sector or Nigerian healthcare professionals. Share your qualifications and seek recommendations.
  • Consider connecting with Nigerian organizations specializing in UK job placements.


Working as a caregiver in the UK with visa sponsorship presents a unique opportunity to make a profound impact on the lives of others while building a fulfilling career path in a supportive environment. From the diverse cultural experiences to the competitive salaries and potential for career advancement, the UK healthcare sector offers an attractive proposition for qualified and passionate individuals.

So, if you possess the compassion, empathy, and dedication to thrive in this meaningful field, don’t hesitate to embark on this enriching journey. With the right preparation and resources, you can turn your aspirations of becoming a UK caregiver into a reality, shaping the lives of those in need while carving your own fulfilling path in a vibrant new environment.

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Can I secure a caregiver job in the UK from Nigeria?

Yes, you can, but you’ll require a visa to work in the UK’s healthcare sector. The most straightforward visa to apply for is a health and care worker visa.

Are caregivers in demand in the UK?

Yes, caregivers are very much in demand in the UK.

Can I migrate to the UK as a caregiver?

Yes, you can definitely migrate to the UK as a caregiver, although it requires meeting specific criteria and following a defined process.

Do caregivers need IELTS in the UK?

Yes, caregivers typically need IELTS to work in the UK.

How many hours do caregivers work in the UK?

Average for home care workers: 35-40 hours per week (flexible)
Live-in care: 56 hours per week (with breaks)
Night shifts: Limited to an average of 8 hours per 24-hour period

Is the UK still taking caregiver workers in 2024?

Yes, the UK is still taking caregiver workers in 2024, but with some important changes

What is the age limit for caregivers in the UK?

There is no legal age limit for caregivers in the UK to work in the field. This means you can apply for and undertake caregiving roles regardless of your age, as long as you meet the essential requirements.

How much is the UK Care Worker visa fee?

The UK Care Worker visa fee depends on how long you will be staying in the UK:
Up to 3 years: £284 per person
More than 3 years: £551 per person

Can I apply as a caregiver in the UK without experience?

Yes, it is possible to apply for a caregiver role in the UK without formal experience! While experience is always a plus, many care providers offer on-the-job training and support to new recruits. They prioritize finding individuals with the right personal qualities and transferable skills that can be nurtured into successful caregivers.

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