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Housekeeping Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship don’t require special skills or qualifications. If you’re looking for a cleaning job in the United States, getting a visa sponsorship is a good idea.

Are you planning to travel to the US for work? Do you want to work as a housekeeper in the United States and get a free visa? Then, you should keep reading this article as it provides all the information you need.

Getting a housekeeping job in the USA with visa sponsorship is a great opportunity, as many people have come to the US with little or no expense.”

Getting a job in the US can be straightforward, but it becomes even simpler when you have the right documents and qualifications. It’s essential because employers prefer hiring people with the right skills and experience. So, it’s important to make sure your qualifications match the job you’re applying for.

For foreigners seeking job opportunities in the United States, obtaining a work visa can be challenging. But have you considered pursuing a work visa and also securing a job? Visa sponsorship is an effective way to achieve this goal.

Best-Paying Cities For Housekeepers In The USA

If you work as a housekeeper and want to earn a higher salary, you might consider moving to one of the top-paying cities in the United States. In these places, housekeepers can make a good living because they offer higher wages and more job opportunities. Below are some cities known for their high-paying housekeeping jobs in the USA:

1. New York, NY

New York City is a great city with plenty of fun things to do and high-paying job opportunities. Housekeepers in New York can earn an average hourly wage of $21.62 to $38.33, which adds up to a yearly income of $43,680 to $79,040. Plus, you can enjoy benefits like dental insurance, disability insurance, paid time off, a 401(k) retirement plan, and more.

2. Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL is another excellent city for high-paying housekeeping jobs in the USA. Housekeepers here earn an average hourly wage of $17.07 to $32.39, with an annual income ranging from $35,360 to $64,000. Keep in mind that salaries may vary based on your location and the industry you work in. You can also enjoy additional perks such as free parking, gym memberships, health insurance, and more.

3. Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD is one of the high-paying cities for housekeeping jobs in the USA. Housekeepers in Baltimore typically make an average hourly wage of $14.98 to $19.68, leading to an annual income of $29,120 to $39,520. Besides your salary, you can enjoy benefits like commuter assistance, continuing education credits, paid time off, and more.

4. Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA is known for offering high-paying housekeeping jobs. Housekeepers in this city can expect to earn an average hourly wage of $14.87 to $24.22, resulting in an annual income of $29,120 to $49,920. On top of your salary, you may have access to benefits such as life insurance, dental coverage, and paid time off.

5. Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV is a cool city in the United States with a demand for housekeeping jobs. Housekeepers here earn an average hourly wage of $14.33 to $25.19, which translates to an annual income of $29,120 to $52,000. Apart from your salary, you can enjoy various insurance benefits and other perks like paid time off and a 401(k) retirement plan.

6. Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, WI is another great city with many high-paying jobs, including housekeeping positions. Housekeepers in Milwaukee typically make an average hourly wage of $14 to $24, resulting in an annual income of $29,120 to $49,920. You can also benefit from additional perks like life insurance, paid time off, and more. Keep in mind that your salary might vary depending on your location or the industry you work in.

7. Atlanta, GA

In Atlanta, GA, the average housekeeper earns an hourly wage of $13.55 to $15.41. The annual income can range from $21,143 to $85,965. In addition to your salary, you can also enjoy various benefits.

8. Indianapolis, IN

Housekeepers in Indianapolis, IN, can earn an hourly wage of $13 to $23 and an annual income of $39,343 to $68,809. In addition to your salary, there are other benefits, such as a flexible spending account, paid sick time, and free parking.

9. San Antonio, TX

In San Antonio, TX, housekeepers make an average hourly wage of $13.33 to $17.36, with an annual income ranging from $38,862 to $50,618. You can also enjoy additional benefits apart from your salary.

10. Houston, TX

Housekeepers in Houston, TX, typically earn an average hourly wage of $12.85 to $26.49, with an annual salary ranging from $37 to $77. Besides your salary, you may have access to other benefits.

Salaries For Housekeeping Jobs Based On Experience In The United States

When you apply for housekeeping jobs in the United States, they often want to know how much experience you have. Your pay can depend on your experience level. Below are some examples of visa-sponsored housekeeping job salaries based on experience:

Less Than One Year of Experience in Housekeeping Salaries

If you have less than one year of experience in a housekeeping job, you can expect to earn $12 to $13 per hour. So, if you work at $13 per hour, your yearly income would be around $27,040. Keep in mind that your salary may vary based on where you work and the type of industry, but you’ll also receive some benefits.

1 to 2 Years of Experience in Housekeeping Salaries

For those with 1 to 2 years of experience in housekeeping jobs, salary information hasn’t been updated, but typically it ranges from $13 to $14 per hour. This would translate to an annual income of about $29,120. Your pay may change depending on your work location and industry.

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3 to 5 Years of Experience in Housekeeping Salaries

Housekeepers with 3 to 5 years of experience can typically earn around $15.05 per hour, which means an annual income of approximately $31,200. Additionally, you’ll enjoy other benefits along with your salary and may also receive a visa sponsorship.

6 to 8 Years of Experience in Housekeeping Salaries

If you have 6 to 8 years of experience in a housekeeping job, your hourly rate might be about $15.56, resulting in an annual salary of $32,200. You’ll also have access to other valuable benefits, such as assistance with immigration and more.

More Than 10 Years of Experience

For those with over 10 years of experience, you can expect to earn about $16.32 per hour. Additionally, you may receive standard benefits offered by companies. This equates to an annual income of approximately $33,280.

Some Great Companies For Housekeepers In The USA

Do you know that some companies in the USA pay well for housekeeping jobs? Well, I’ve got a list for you:

  1. LGC Associates, LLC
    • Pay: $16.90 – $17.10 per hour
    • LGC Associates offers housekeeping jobs as well as other opportunities like hospitality and delivery. They have a large workforce of 5,001 to 10,000 employees.
  2. MaidPro
    • Pay: $17 – $18 per hour
    • MaidPro believes in making work fun for its employees and offers benefits like health insurance, pay bonuses, and paid time off.
  3. Merry Maids Company
    • Pay: $15 – $24 per hour
    • Merry Maids is more than just a cleaning service; they prioritize client and team satisfaction.
  4. Molly Maid
    • Pay: $15 – $17 per hour
    • Molly Maid is a Neighborly™ franchise company with a moderate-sized team.
  5. Marriott International
    • Pay: $28 – $38 per hour
    • While Marriott offers various job opportunities, they focus on housekeeping. You can find more information on their website.
  6. Crothall Healthcare
    • Pay: $17 – $20 per hour
    • Crothall provides laundry and facility upkeep services for healthcare providers in North America.
  7. Extended Stay Hotels
    • Pay: $19 – $22 per hour
    • They offer excellent benefits for housekeepers.
  8. HHS
    • Pay: $13 – $18 per hour
    • HHS, founded in 1975, has a team of 1,001 to 5,000 employees. You can apply through their website.
  9. Residence Inn by Marriott
    • Pay: $19 – $22 per hour
    • Residence Inn is a brand of extended-stay hotels, part of Marriott International.
  10. Holiday Inn
    • Pay: $13 – $19 per hour
    • Holiday Inn offers housekeeping jobs and various benefits for workers.

9 Of The Best Housekeeping Jobs In The USA With High Paying Salaries

There are various types of housekeeping jobs in the United States with visa sponsorship. However, in the United States, there is a certain requirement to meet for the job to be given to you.

Furthermore, some of these housekeeping jobs are “cleaners”, “live-in housekeepers”, “live-out housekeepers”, “house managers/housekeepers” and “housekeeper cleaning companies”.


A cleaner is a basic cleaning service and is not to be confused with a housekeeper. Hence, they may be used in more commercial cleaning areas, or they might be used for end-of-tenancy cleans.

In the private home, they might be used for short visits and these can be regular but they are rarely full-time for one property.

The average house cleaner salary in the USA is $15 per hour and $31,200 per year. Entry-level positions start at $26,325 per year while most experienced workers make up to $39,000 per year. Note: This amount could change due to company policy and structure or even economic default

Live-in Housekeeper

This type of housekeeper is a very popular type of housekeeping service. They can be a full-time or part-time member of staff that works for the property and as part of the package, they are provided accommodation.

A housekeeper is a high-standard professional who can clean, tidy, and ensure your home and property care to the highest minimum.

A live-in housekeeper, when employed is paid a total sum of about $12.34 and $16.21 per hour and $30,000 to $39,221 per year. And you should be informed that all payment structure in the US changes as time goes on.

House Manager/ Housekeeper

A housekeeper combined with house management is the next tier of supper. Here the housekeeper can provide additional house management support.

This may include admin, managing contractors, managing household routes or schedules, and ensuring that the property is cared for along with all the typical housekeeping duties.

House managers or housekeepers are multi-task persons whose average salary ranges from $13.21 to $16.31 per hour and $37, 357 to $40,000 per year.

Well, you should note that the given amount varies, hence, a proposal and a negotiation will have to be made between you and your anticipating employer to get a set amount and also information on future changes.

Live Out Housekeeper

A live-out housekeeper can work full-time or part-time pending a laid-down conclusion. As a live-out housekeeper, you are under an obligation to carry out cleaning, tidying, and wardrobe management duties. Furthermore, other responsibilities can be added as time goes on.

A live-out housekeeper is a popular choice for properties that don’t have the space for living in a client’s house.

The average salary of a live-out housekeeper is from $19.12 to $20.22 per hour and $22,162 to $27,540 per year. There could be alterations in amounts or figures due to differences in company policy and standards.

Housekeeping House Attendant

Housekeeping attendants work in hotels and motels. They tidy and clean hallways and rooms, like bedrooms, bathrooms, and meeting rooms. Furthermore, they also put in clean towels and other supplies. They are paid an average salary of about $18.12 to $20.12 per hour & $32,231 to $37,224 per year.

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Room Attendant

Room attendant responsibilities include changing towels, making beds, and cleaning bathrooms. They also address clients nicely and make sure their rooms are fully stocked, clean, and inviting at all times.

Room attendants are graciously paid an average salary of about $13.23 to $16.13 per hour and $26,731 – $32,612 per year. Well, this amount is ephemeral and is not permanent or applicable to all companies.

Full-Time Housekeeping/Floor Stripping/Waxing

They are responsible for completely removing old wax, soil, and debris found on the floor. It is usually one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming jobs in the professional cleaning industry.

They are simply paid an average salary of about $12.22 to $16.12 per hour and $24,317 – $30,236 per year. Note! This amount can be changed as time goes on.

Environmental Services Technician

An environmental service technician is a housekeeper who works in a hospital or healthcare facility to maintain cleanliness and a healthy environment within the premises.

They are involved in traditional janitorial tasks as well as the proper handling and disposal of biological waste. They are paid an average of about $13.23 to $16.13 per hour and $25,040 to $33,280 per year.

Lead Housekeeper

The lead housekeeper is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the housekeeping department. They supervise a team of housekeepers, maids, and janitors.

The lead housekeeper is responsible for ensuring that all areas of the hotel are clean and well-maintained. lead housekeepers are paid an average salary of about $13.21 to $16.31 per hour and $24,963 and $33,280 per year.

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Highly Valuable Skills And Qualifications For Housekeepers

Housekeepers can boost their earnings by acquiring certain skills and qualifications that are in demand. Here’s a quick look at some of the most sought-after skills and qualifications for housekeepers:

  1. Cleaning Skills: Knowing how to maintain a clean environment.
  2. Meal Preparation: Ability to prepare meals.
  3. Experience with Kids: Having worked as a nanny.
  4. Residential Cleaning Experience: Previous experience in cleaning homes.
  5. Caregiving Skills: Skills related to taking care of people.
  6. Employee Evaluation: The ability to assess and manage staff.

Requirements and Skills For Housekeeping Jobs In The USA

Housekeeping Jobs In USA

Becoming a housekeeper in the USA involves meeting specific requirements and skills. If you’re qualified for the job, you should:

  1. Be Flexible: Available to work evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  2. Attention to Detail: Be thorough in your work.
  3. Communication Skills: Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  4. Basic Math and Computer Skills: Understanding basic math and computer usage.
  5. Friendly Demeanor: Be friendly, professional, and engaging.
  6. Time Management: Manage your tasks efficiently.
  7. Cleaning Experience: Proven work history in cleaning.
  8. Handling Equipment: Ability to work with cleaning equipment and machinery.
  9. Reliability: Be responsible and dependable.
  10. Knowledge of Cleaning Supplies: Know about cleaning products and safety.
  11. Team Player: Work well in a team.
  12. Safety Awareness: Familiarity with safety data sheets.

These are the skills and requirements for housekeeping jobs in the USA.

Duties And Responsibilities of Housekeepers

If you’re unsure about the duties of a housekeeper, consider the following:

  1. Cleaning and Restocking: Clean and restock designated areas.
  2. Minor Repairs: Perform minor repairs when necessary.
  3. Teamwork: Assist other departments when needed.
  4. Routine Inspections: Conduct routine inspections and maintenance.
  5. Basic Cleaning: Clean homes and offices, including vacuuming and emptying trash.
  6. Handling Linens: Transport and replace linens.
  7. Maintaining Equipment: Set up, stock, and maintain cleaning tools and supplies.
  8. Restroom Cleaning: Clean restrooms, including restocking supplies and sanitizing fixtures.

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Benefits Of Housekeeping Jobs

Being a housekeeper has many advantages, such as:

  1. Ensuring a deep and thorough clean.
  2. Providing peace of mind.
  3. Ensuring your comfort.
  4. Creating a clean and happy environment.

How To Apply For Housekeeping Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

Getting a job and a free visa is quite simple if you follow these steps:

Finding housekeeping jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship can be challenging, but it’s certainly possible with the right approach. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Research & Preparation:

  1. Visa Types: Understand the different visa types that allow you to work in the USA as a housekeeper. Common options include the H-2B (temporary seasonal workers) and H-1B (specialty occupations). Each has specific requirements and application processes. Research which fits your situation best.
  2. Job Search: Look for jobs explicitly mentioning visa sponsorship. Focus on websites like:
    • USA Visa Sponsorship Jobs:
    • SimplyHired:
    • ZipRecruiter:
    • Company websites: Research cleaning service companies, hotels, or resorts known to sponsor visas.

Boost Your Application:

  1. Skills & Experience: Highlight relevant cleaning experience, including specific duties and references. Certifications in housekeeping or related fields can be a plus.
  2. English Language: Strong English communication skills are crucial. Consider taking English language courses if needed.
  3. References: Prepare professional references from previous employers or colleagues.
  4. Cover Letter & Resume: Tailor your cover letter and resume to each specific job, showcasing skills and experience relevant to the advertised duties.

H1B Work Visa Sponsorship For Housekeepers

If you’re a foreigner seeking a job in the USA and want an H1B visa, follow these steps:

  1. Create a strong CV and a job application letter that appeals to US employers.
  2. Use online platforms to search for a job you like.
  3. Apply online through a website like and wait for a response. You may be called for an online interview.
  4. If you’re selected, your employer will review the job description to ensure it qualifies as a specialty occupation.
  5. Discuss the pay rate with your employer.
  6. Your employer will notify the US workforce.
  7. Finally, your employer will submit a labor condition application to the DOL for certification and a petition to the US embassy for a visa. Apply for the visa in your home country.
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Where To Work As A Housekeeper In The USA

Housekeepers can work in various places, such as:

  • Private Homes
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Office Buildings

Tips For A Successful Visa Interview In The USA

Here are some tips to prepare for a successful interview for Housekeeping Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Make sure all your required documents are in order.
  • Understand your visa type and its requirements.
  • Practice answering common interview questions.
  • Dress professionally and conservatively.
  • Arrive early for your appointment.
  • Be polite and respectful to the visa officer.
  • Stay calm and speak clearly.
  • Answer all questions truthfully.
  • Bring any additional documents that support your case.
  • Be prepared to ask questions if you have any.
  • Follow the instructions given by the visa officer.
  • Respect the visa officer’s decision, and if your visa is denied, ask for a written explanation and consider reapplying after addressing any issues.

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How Do You Get A Job In The US That Will Deliver A Visa Sponsorship?

Securing a job in the US with visa sponsorship can be a challenging yet rewarding journey. Here’s a roadmap to navigate the process:

1. Understand Visa Options:

  • H-1B Visa (Specialty Occupations): This popular option caters to professionals in fields like engineering, IT, healthcare, and education. Companies must demonstrate they couldn’t find a qualified US worker for the role.
  • H-2B Visa (Temporary Seasonal Workers): Ideal for seasonal jobs in industries like hospitality, agriculture, and landscaping. Employers must show a temporary need for foreign workers.
  • L Visa (Intracompany Transferees): For employees transferring within the same multinational company to a US branch.
  • Other options: Explore J-1 (cultural exchange), O-1 (individuals with extraordinary ability), and TN visas (NAFTA professionals) depending on your qualifications.

2. Target the Right Jobs:

  • Focus on job boards: Utilize platforms like H-1B Visa Sponsorship Jobs, SimplyHired, ZipRecruiter, and company websites that mention visa sponsorship in their postings
  • Network: Attend job fairs, industry events, and online forums focused on your field and visa sponsorship. Connect with recruiters and companies specializing in foreign worker placement.
  • Research companies: Target companies with a history of sponsoring visas, especially in your field. Look for their careers page or contact their HR department directly.

3. Craft a Compelling Application:

  • Tailor your resume and cover letter: Highlight relevant skills, experience, and achievements tailored to each specific job description. Quantify your impact with metrics whenever possible.
  • Demonstrate English proficiency: Strong written and spoken English communication is crucial. Consider taking courses if needed.
  • Prepare strong references: Secure references from previous employers or colleagues who can vouch for your skills and work ethic.

4. Understand the Process:

  • Visa sponsorship involves additional paperwork and costs for employers. Be prepared for the company to explain their process and timeline.
  • Seek legal guidance: Consult an immigration attorney specializing in employment visas to ensure you’re following the correct procedures and maximizing your chances.

5. Be Persistent and Proactive:

  • Finding a sponsored job might take time and effort. Don’t get discouraged, refine your search, and keep applying to relevant positions consistently.
  • Stay updated on visa regulations: Immigration laws can change, so keep yourself informed about any updates that might affect your application.

Where To Find Housekeeping Jobs In USA 


Securing a visa sponsorship can be complex and depends on various factors. However, with thorough research, strong preparation, and persistence, you can increase your chances of landing a housekeeping job in the USA with the necessary visa support.


How Much Are Housekeepers Paid In The USA?

Average hourly rate: $16.31
Hourly range: $9.13 to $26.20
Annual salary range: $25,350 to $38,998
Median annual salary: $29,960 (Source: US News Best Jobs)

Are housekeepers in demand in the USA?

Yes, housekeepers are definitely in demand in the USA!

How much do you tip a housekeeper in the USA?

Tipping a housekeeper in the USA depends on several factors, including:
Type of Service:
Private household: For regular cleaning services in a private home, the tipping etiquette is similar to other personal service workers.
General recommendation: $15-$20 per visit, or $5-$10 per hour.
Consider increasing the tip: For holidays, deep cleaning, or extra tasks, consider tipping an additional $20-$50.
Hotel housekeeping:
General recommendation: $3-$5 per night.
Increase for longer stays or extra services: Leave $5-$10 per night for longer stays or if they did something extra, like turning down your bed or replenishing amenities.
Frequency of Service:
Daily vs. Weekly: If you have your house cleaned daily, you might tip slightly less per visit ($10-$15) compared to a weekly clean ($20-$25).

How much is the housekeeping salary in the USA per month?

Based on hourly rates: The average hourly rate for housekeepers in the USA is currently around $16.31 Assuming a full-time schedule (40 hours per week), this translates to around $2,592 per month.
Based on annual salaries: Sources like and report an average annual salary for housekeepers in the USA between $29,250 and $33,933. This translates to a monthly range of $2,437 to $2,827.

How much do hotel housekeepers make in the US?

The salary of hotel housekeepers in the US can vary depending on several factors, but here’s a breakdown to give you an idea:
Average Hourly Rate:
The average hourly rate for hotel housekeepers in the US is currently around $15.41 (source: ZipRecruiter).

Hourly Range:
The hourly range for hotel housekeepers can be quite broad, with rates typically falling between $9.62 and $21.39 per hour (source: ZipRecruiter).

Annual Salary:
Based on the average hourly rate, assuming a full-time schedule (40 hours per week), the annual salary for hotel housekeepers comes out to roughly $32,055 (source: ZipRecruiter).

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