Ross Labra Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Husband, and Children 2022

Ross Labra Net Worth

If you’re not familiar with the name Ross Labra, you might think we’re bringing him up here because he has done something interesting. However, you’d be mistaken. Ross Labra is a young woman best known for being the girlfriend of a well-known former baseball player.


She and Esteban Loaiza have been dating for a long, and fans are curious to learn more about the woman who has won Esteban’s heart.

Who is Ross Labra

We know very little about her except that she is a mother of two children. She’s been raising her children as a single mother, and she’s finally met someone with whom she can relate to some of the more intimate and adult aspects of her life.

Ross Labra Measurements, Height, and Weight

Ross Labra’s height is undisclosed. She is really attractive and has a wonderful attitude. The actress is approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall. She is 54 kilograms in weight.

Furthermore, when it comes to general physical measurements, they range from 32 inches breast to 24 inches waist to 34 inches hips. Her blue eyes and light brown hair complement her complexion.

Ross Labra’s Spouse

Despite being the wife of a famous athlete for almost two years, she has kept her personal life private. She doesn’t post personal information on the internet and isn’t looking for attention when she’s out. 

 Ross Labra Family

We may assume that she is close to her relatives from what we know about her. In the summer of 2021, she wished her father and brother a happy Father’s Day, and she had nothing but loving, supportive words for them all and their responsibilities as fathers. 

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Ross Labra Net Worth

She hasn’t revealed her total net worth or assets yet though. We looked through several media outlets but couldn’t find any reliable information. However, as a hairstylist, we expect her to have a net worth of at least a few thousand dollars. We can tell from her Instagram account that she enjoys spending her leisure time with her friends, throwing parties, and eating food.

According to Wiki. ng, her boyfriend, Esteban, has an estimated net worth of $5 million. We may realistically assume this much from a professional baseball player.

Ross Labra Children

Ross Labra has a middle-school-aged daughter and a son who may be close in age to her younger sister.

Labra doesn’t say much about her children other than to say that she is a proud mother who will go to great lengths for her children. It’s evident that she adores and cares for children with all of her heart, but she isn’t a young mother.

Ross Labra Instagram

Labra has large Instagram followers for a non-famous woman. She has just over 11.7K followers, as of the creation of this article, thus she could be considered a micro-influencer if she wanted to be. To be honest, we have no idea what she does for a living.

Ross Labra Early Years

We don’t know when she was born, where she was born in Mexico, or much else about her life there, but we do know she’s from Mexico and seems to be rather proud of it.

Ross Labra has done a good job of keeping her personal life as discreet as possible despite dating a popular sportsman.

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The Wrap

Ross Labra is most well-known for being Esteban Loaiza’s girlfriend. Her admirers are interested to learn more about the lady who has won the heart of the renowned player. She and Esteban Loaiza have been dating for some time, and her followers are curious to learn more about the lady who has won the heart of the renowned player.

People all over the world are curious about her since she looks to have become pretty important to him.

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