Who is Bridget Rooney? Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Partner, Career

Bridget Rooney is an excellent actress in the United States of America, and her career took off in 2011.


Rooney rose to prominence after starring in the film “Zombies Not Zombies” as the lead actress.

She is also a socialite and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ successor. Rooney, who was born into a wealthy family, contributes to society by volunteering.

Bridget is frequently in the news for her love affairs and affinities, in addition to all of her victories.

Bridget is a successful actress who is married to billionaire and businessman Bill Koch.

Bill Koch, her husband, is also a celebrity who worked as a Collector and Sailor.

Bridget Rooney Profile Summary
NameBridget Rooney
Date of Birth26th of April, 1962
Birth PlaceCalifornia, USA
Age58 years old
Height5 feet and 8 inches
Net Worth$ 2 Billion
ProfessionActress and Socialite
EducationBachelor’s degree in business administration
ParentsFather -Tim Rooney
Mother -June Rooney
SistersKathleen Mara, Margaret Galterio
Martial StatusMarried
Marriage Date2005
HusbandWilliam Koch (Bill)
ChildrenSon -Liam Costner
Daughter -Kaitlin Koch
Who is Bridget Rooney

Bridget Rooney is a well-known actress who played the lead in Zombie or Not Zombie (2011).

Bridget is a member of an Irish-American family known for its ties to sports, politics, and the entertainment industry.

Bridget Rooney’s father immigrated from Ireland with his parents in the 1840s. In 1880, the Rooney family established their roots in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

The Rooney family had kept their name for years by owning the majority of the operators of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL, also known as the National Football League.

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Bridget Rooney’s Childhood and Adolescence

Bridget Rooney was born on April 26, 1962 in California, USA. She was born into a wealthy family in California, United States.

Her grandfather is Art Rooney, the original owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Her father, Tim Rooney, and mother, June Rooney, were also involved in the entertainment industry.

And both are well-known media figures. Bridget is the youngest of her sisters, Kathleen Mara and Margaret Galterio.

Bridget Rooney graduated from high school with honors. She later earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from a public university.

Bridget Rooney’s Professional Career

Rooney began her acting career in 2011 with the film ‘Zombie or Not Zombie.’ She is a well-known partner as well as an actor.

She is married to billionaire businessman Bill Koch. Bull Koch, her partner, is a sailor and collector.

She is also involved in a few social causes in terms of humanitarianism. Bridget founded Oxbridge Academy with the help of her husband.

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Bridget Rooney’s Private Life

Bridget Rooney and her husband
Bridget Rooney has a husband. She married Bill Koch, a prominent American billionaire business tycoon, in 2005.

Rooney and her husband also have a daughter named Kaitlin. Bill’s second wife is her name.

Bridget’s husband, Bill, is well-known for his extravagant spending habits. Well, the millionaire didn’t waste any time in lavishing his then-fiancée Bridget with a stunning ring.

The couple purchased a 31-carat yellow diamond from diamond tycoon François Graff, according to the New York Times.

This isn’t Bill’s first extravagant gift for his wife. Bill, on the other hand, recently received a million-dollar commission for a painting of three seminude women.

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Rooney is also well-known as the mother of Liam Costner. Her son Liam is her biological child.

After Costner’s divorce from his first wife, the ex-couple has a brief affair.

Kevin and Rooney never married after a year of publicly declaring their love. After verifying things, both of his parents had a very difficult relationship.

Rooney, on the other hand, gave birth to Kevin’s fourth child, Liam. Kevin initially denied adopting Liam as his legal child.

However, the paternity test confirmed everything, and Kevin announced that he would provide Liam with his authorized support.

Bridget Rooney Salary

Bridget Rooney’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million in 2022. She is a member of the Rooney family, who owns the National Football League’s Pittsburgh Steelers.

This squad is currently worth $2.7 billion.

Bill, her husband, is the founder and CEO of the Oxbow Group and a member of the Koch family. In 2021, his net worth is expected to be $1.6 billion.

Bridget’s life is undeniably prosperous as the wife of a billionaire husband.

While she has not disclosed her exact net worth, her husband Bill Koach is estimated to be worth $1.8 billion as of 2019.

Physical Attributes

Bridget Rooney appears to be of average stature. Her true height is 5 feet 8 inches, and she weighs 68 kg.

Bridget Rooney is a tall woman with balanced proportions. Bridget Rooney is a healthy weight for her height.

Bridget appears to have perfect body balance in addition to her incredible height.


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