Risk Manager Jobs with Visa Sponsorship In USA – APPLY NOW

If you’re considering working overseas, there’s a chance for risk manager jobs with visa support. A risk manager’s role involves spotting and evaluating potential problems that might affect a business. They analyze risks, assess them, and decide how much risk a company can handle.


In their job, they team up with company staff, outside vendors, and upper management. Usually, they work in an office for private businesses and financial institutions.

How much does a Risk Manager earn in the United States?

Risk Manager Jobs
Businessman pressing an Risk concept button.

Here’s the salary range in different timeframes:

  • Per hour: $44.58 to $75.95
  • Per day: $3,248 to $5,875
  • Weekly: $1,907 to $3,378
  • Monthly: $7,378 to $12,568
  • Yearly: $104,204 to $177,514


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Top Companies Hiring Risk Managers in the USA

Many people are unsure where to find job opportunities in risk management. Below, I’ve listed some companies, along with the hourly and yearly salary ranges they offer. You can choose which one suits you best and apply through their websites.

  1. Selby Jennings
    • Hourly: $14.55 – $80.00
    • Yearly: $100,000 – $307,277
    • Apply Here
  2. Zions Bancorporation
    • Hourly: $15.00 – $44.72
    • Yearly: $50,000 – $161,000
    • Apply Here
  3. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
    • Hourly: $3,465 – $22,768
    • Yearly: $50,362 – $208,947
    • Apply Here
  4. Freddie Mac
    • Hourly: $17.97 – $77.46
    • Yearly: $68,897 – $201,566
    • Apply Here
  5. USAA
    • Hourly: $13.42 – $70.00
    • Yearly: $48,379 – $175,000
    • Apply Here
  6. Capital One
    • Hourly: $12.00 – $75.00
    • Yearly: $39,571 – $216,066
    • Apply Here
  7. Dexian DISYS
    • Hourly: $17.75 – $67.00
    • Yearly: $17.75 – $43,215
    • Apply Here
  8. Verizon
    • Hourly: $11.96 – $67.00
    • Yearly: $42,000 – $160,000
    • Apply Here
  9. Protiviti
    • Hourly: $15.90 – $42.83
    • Yearly: $43,500 – $219,000
    • Apply Here
  10. Citi (Citigroup)
    • Hourly: $4,975 – $17,324
    • Yearly: $36,300 – $200,000
    • Apply Here
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Top-Paying Cities for Risk Manager Jobs

  • San Francisco, CA
    • Hourly Pay: $61.71-$90.41
    • Daily Pay: $630-$923
    • Weekly Pay: $2,639-$3,866
    • Monthly Pay: $10,211-$14,961
    • Yearly Pay: $144,223-$211,306
  • Boston, MA
    • Hourly Pay: $58.86-$89.09
    • Daily Pay: $601-$909
    • Weekly Pay: $2,517-$3,810
    • Monthly Pay: $9,740-$14,743
    • Yearly Pay: $137,572-$208,234
  • Atlanta, GA
    • Hourly Pay: $56.83-$88.35
    • Daily Pay: $580-$902
    • Weekly Pay: $2,430-$3,778
    • Monthly Pay: $9,404-$14,620
    • Yearly Pay: $132,828-$206,493
  • New York, NY
    • Hourly Pay: $55.69-$93.81
    • Daily Pay: $568-$957
    • Weekly Pay: $2,381-$4,012
    • Monthly Pay: $9,215-$15,523
    • Yearly Pay: $130,153-$219,252
  • Tampa, FL
    • Hourly Pay: $49.27-$84.85
    • Daily Pay: $503-$866
    • Weekly Pay: $2,107-$3,629
    • Monthly Pay: $8,154-$14,042
    • Yearly Pay: $46,560-$70,420
  • Richmond, VA
    • Hourly Pay: $45.11-$69.66
    • Daily Pay: $460-$711
    • Weekly Pay: $1,929-$2,979
    • Monthly Pay: $7,464-$11,527
    • Yearly Pay: $105,427-$162,813
  • Dallas, TX
    • Hourly Pay: $41.66-$70.08
    • Daily Pay: $425-$715
    • Weekly Pay: $1,781-$2,997
    • Monthly Pay: $6,893-$11,598
    • Yearly Pay: $97,362-$163,807
  • Columbus, OH
    • Hourly Pay: $37.64-$48.91
    • Daily Pay: $384-$499
    • Weekly Pay: $1,610-$2,092
    • Monthly Pay: $6,228-$8,094
    • Yearly Pay: $87,968-$114,320

Well-Paying Risk Manager Jobs

Risk managers have an important job in organizations. They find, understand, and reduce different kinds of risks. Here are five risk manager jobs that pay well:

  1. Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
    • Yearly Salary Range: $232,899 to $320,732
    • CROs are top bosses who look after the risk plans of a company. They get paid a lot because they make important decisions.
  2. Credit Risk Manager
    • Average yearly salary: $105,064 to $146,606
    • Credit risk managers watch how risky it is to give loans or make investments. They often get good pay, especially in finance jobs.
  3. Market Risk Manager
    • Yearly pay: $93,600 to $140,400
    • Market risk managers focus on risks in financial markets, like interest rates, currency, and stock markets. They can earn good money in financial companies.
  4. Cybersecurity Risk Manager
    • Yearly salary: $159,640 to $239,460
    • With the rise of cybersecurity, these experts manage risks like data breaches and cyberattacks. Skilled cybersecurity risk managers can make a lot of money.
  5. Compliance Risk Manager
    • Yearly pay: $120,000 to $180,000
    • Compliance risk managers make sure a company follows rules and its own policies. They have important jobs, especially in industries with lots of rules, and they get paid well.
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Duties and Responsibilities

Do you know what your job as a Risk Manager involves? Here are the things you’ll be doing:

  1. Identify and analyze potential hazards.
  2. Figure out how these hazards could affect things.
  3. Learn the methods for doing audits.
  4. Set up ways to manage risks.
  5. Create plans to avoid dangers.
  6. Prepare backup plans for emergencies.
  7. Check current policies for problems.
  8. Write reports and give advice.
  9. Help put plans into action.
  10. Teach employees about risks when necessary.

Requirements and Skills

Now, let’s talk about what you need for this job:

  1. You should be really good at risk management.
  2. Understand how to assess and reduce risks.
  3. Know how to report and do audits.
  4. Be familiar with industry rules and laws (like the Occupational Safety and Health Act).
  5. Be good with computers and research. It’s a plus if you know software like SAS.
  6. You should be good at problem-solving.
  7. Excellent at presenting and communicating.
  8. A degree in law, business, finance, or a similar field (BSc/BA) is good. Being a professional risk manager (PRM) is a bonus.

Becoming a Risk Manager:

To have a successful career as a risk manager, you can follow these steps:

  1. Education: Start by getting a bachelor’s degree in fields like finance, economics, law, or business. Some employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree (MBA).
  2. Certification: Many employers require risk management certificates in addition to a degree. Two common ones are the Professional Risk Manager (PRM) and Financial Risk Manager (FRM) credentials.
  3. Licensing: If your work involves healthcare, you might need a healthcare risk management license. Requirements can vary by state, but usually, you’ll need to complete a healthcare risk management course and pass an exam.
  4. Experience: Most employers prefer candidates with at least five years of experience in finance or business.
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Applying for Risk Manager Jobs:

When applying for a risk manager job, follow these steps:

  1. Update Your Resume: Make sure your resume highlights your relevant skills, experience, and education in risk management.
  2. Research the Job: Understand the specific requirements and responsibilities of the risk manager role at the company you’re interested in.
  3. Prepare a Cover Letter: Write a short cover letter that explains your qualifications and your interest in the position.
  4. Find Job Listings: Look for risk manager job postings on company websites, job search engines, and professional networking sites.
  5. Submit Your Application: Follow the employer’s application process, which may involve sending your resume and cover letter through their website or email.
  6. Prepare for Interviews: Be ready to discuss your experience in risk management, your problem-solving skills, and how you can help the company manage risks.
  7. Follow Up: After applying, follow up with the employer to express your continued interest and ask about the application status. Keep an eye on your email for any requests for further information or interviews. Be responsive to these requests.

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