Pedro Rivera Net Worth in 2023

Pedro Rivera is a well-known Mexican singer and actor. Pedro, also known as the Patriarch of Corrido, is regarded as a legend responsible for revolutionizing the music industry.

Pedro Rivera, also known as the Patriarch of Corrido, was born on the evening of February 23, 1943, in La Barca, Mexico. Pedro immigrated to the United States in 1966, hoping to better his life and that of his family.

Pedro Rivera is a multi-talented actor, composer, producer, interpreter, and artist-producer. His talent and self-assurance helped him become a household name in a country where he had immigrated in the hopes of doing the same. Pedro has produced over 1590 recorded songs and 50 productions, which is a remarkable and admirable accomplishment.

Pedro has even appeared on television Pedro has even appeared as a singer and judge in many musical shows in the United States and Mexico.

Pedro Rivera Net Worth

Pedro Rivera

Pedro Rivera has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Pedro Rivera’s net worth is primarily derived from his work as a composer and actor in the music industry. There is no information on his ex-net wife’s worth, but some of his children’s net worths are as follows: Pete Rivera ($12.5 million net worth), Jenni Rivera ($25 million net worth), Lupillo Rivera ($12.5 million net worth), Juan Rivera ($10 million net worth), and Rosie Rivera Flores ($5 million net worth).

Pedro Rivera’s Biography and Childhood

Pedro Rivera Cervantes, also known as Pedro Rivera, was born in La Barca, Jalisco, Mexico on February 23, 1947.

Pedro Rivera’s life was filled with sweat and tears. He worked in a variety of fields prior to becoming well-known in the music industry. He began as a farmer, then as a photographer, and finally as a salesman.

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What is Pedro Rivera’s success story?

Pedro, his wife, and their children collected the iconic Olympic buttons in 1984 and raised enough money to invest in his first production, “Voy A Bajarte Una Estrella.” This label has released over 50 productions and a minimum of 1590 recorded songs. It was a watershed moment in Pedro Rivera’s life.
In 1984, he made his debut as a still photographer for the film “Asalto en Tijuana.” Pedro debuted as an actor for the first time that same year. Pedro Rivera’s film debut, “Camino al Infierno,” marks the beginning of his acting career.

Pedro was also instrumental in the success of the following songs: “El Especial,” “El Bato Perron,” “El Pato Nada,” “La Diva de la Banda,” “Dando y Dando,” and “Jenni mi Bendición,” among many others.
Pedro is regarded as a trailblazer for all who aspire. Pedro’s production company, “Cintas Acurio,” became the world’s largest Latin record label only because of his hard work and dedication. Many of the aspiring artists were produced in his record company under this very record label. To name a few, I like Los Razors, Rogelio Martinez, El Chapo de Sinaloa, Valentin Elizalde, and many others.  His accomplishments as a composer, actor, and producer are too valuable.
Padre de Jenni Rivera es acusado de acoso sexual – Cadena Política

Private Life (Wife, Kids, and Family)

Rosa Amelia Saavedra was Pedro Rivera’s wife. From 1963 to 2003, they were married. They are the parents of six children. Pete Rivera ($12.5 million net worth), Gustavo Rivera ($25 million net worth), Jenni Rivera ($25 million net worth), Lupillo Rivera ($12.5 million net worth), Juan Rivera ($10 million net worth), and Rosie Rivera Flores ($5 million net worth) are their names.

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They were shocked to learn that his daughter, Jenni Rivera, had gone missing and was later found dead in a plane crash on December 9, 2012.

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