Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski Net Worth in 2023

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski is a well-known entrepreneur on the list of successful business people in North America who rose to prominence after being revealed to be the son of US fashion model Gloria Vanderbilt.


Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski is a tall man who stands 5 f 8 inches tall and weighs 68 kg. He is now 72 years old, a healthy older man with a humble demeanor. He is not visible on any social media platforms, according to his social media profiles, because Leo dislikes the media spotlight.

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski believed in various sources and considered Hugh Jackman and Gal Gadot to be his film idols. He used to read books all  related to life-changing motivations, novels, and traveling across the street of Germany as he liked Germany a lot.

Early Years

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski was born on August 22, 1950, in the lovely city of New York. Since his childhood, this brilliant entrepreneur has been a perplexed and inquisitive child. He has an American passport and is of Caucasian ethnicity. He was born under the sign of Leo, according to his astrological data. Leopold was born into a family that practiced Christianity. His actions and demeanor differed from those of his siblings.

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski’s family

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski

The influential businessman was the first child of Leopold Stokowski and Gloria Vanderbilt. His mother was a well-known fashion tycoon who was also an author and designer, while his biological father was a low-level bus driver.

Leopold’s siblings from his father is Christopher Stokowski. Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski belongs to a family that was complex in managing the family. He also has two other siblings from different fathers, Anderson Cooper and Carter Vanderbilt Cooper took birth from Wyatt Emory Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt.

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Concerning his Brothers

Anderson, his brother, is a television host and program presenter, journalist-author, model, and film investor. Anderson is active in the film industry as a film investor and cinematographer. He also created the well-known documentary series ‘Nothing Left Unsaid,’ which helped him gain recognition in the industry.

When it comes to Anderson’s passion for filmography, he has successfully decoded movie series such as “The Rainbow Comes and Goes,” “Love and Loss,” and many others. He was a storyteller, and his obsession with movies irritated his friends. Through his film series, he explored the complexities of a typical family’s relationship. Anderson is a wonderful person with a kind heart and humble demeanor.

Leopold’s other brother Carter Vanderbilt Cooper gave his life away due to mental uncertainties. Carter was mentally ill and couldn’t withstand the pressure and gave his life at an early age from the 14th floor on the 22nd July 1988. The sudden incident not only suffered his life but also destroyed his family. During the incident of Suicide, mother Gloria was with him but still couldn’t stop him from making the unexpected blunder.

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski’s Professional Life

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski is a business icon in the United States. Initially, Leopold experimented with himself as a journalist for ABC News for more than six years, from 1994 to 2000. He was an anchor of a TV news show named ‘World News Tonight. He was actively investing in various business schemes in other countries, including Britain and America.

Leopold, unlike his brother Anderson, was not interested in gaining fame and media attention in the entertainment industry. He had always desired to be free of the media and his personal life.

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He is passionate about business tactics and much more. His stock market move is simply magical. He is an intelligent guy with fantastic business ideas.


Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski is a settled man with a wonderful family relationship with Emily Goldstein. Their love and dating lives are still private. Aurora Stokowski and Abra Stokowski were born into a beautiful family. He was always a husband with a clear mind, despite his early family complication with his mother. It is confirmed that his daughter, Aurora, found her husband material on Anthony Mazzie, an American entrepreneur who developed himself as one of the well-known business people and an excellent business partner of her father.

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski’s net worth

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski is an expert in the business, share market, stock market, and shareholders of large American corporations. Leo has already established himself as a youth icon in the United States.

Furthermore, Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski has a net worth of more than $10 million. His mother Gloria, excluding his own money and property, was the wealthiest artist in her time due to her fashion designing and acting careers, with a net worth of $200 million. Anderson, who comes from the same family as his brother, has an estimated net worth of $115 million from his film career.

Gloria Vanderbilt, his mother

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski

Gloria Laura Vanderbilt, better known as Gloria Vanderbilt, was a well-known American actress who worked as a fashion designer, author, and film actress for a long time. Gloria was born on February 20, 1924 in New York City. She married three times, to men named Leopold Stokowski, Sidney Lumet, and Wyatt Emory Cooper.

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His mother’s professional career is in acting.

Gloria worked in the acting industry from 1954 to 1963. She studied acting at Neighbourhood Playhouse, where she learned the craft from Sanford Meisner. A theater play called ‘The Swan’ provided her with a golden opportunity to showcase her talent. Following this, the door to her professional career quickly opened. She appeared in “The Time of Your Life,” Playhouse 90, Studio One in Hollywood, The Dick Powell Show, The Love Boat, Person to Person, and many other films and television shows.


Vanderbilt discovered her calling as a fashion model at the age of 15. She worked with an Indian investor to create new styles of dresses. She designed that has a signature of herself in place of pockets in the back. Carrying Vanderbilt’s signature as her swan logo was the best move of her life. Millions of people across the world loved her designs. Her jeans, blouses, shoes, and leather goods were successful. Fighting with her life complications, she was still the most muscular woman who inspired millions of young girls proving that girls can also live independently.


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