Emily Elizabeth Bio: Age, Height, Early life, Career, Net Worth, Awards, Bikini pictures and only fans Page

Emily Elizabeth Howard, also known as Emily Elizabeth, is a rising star in the modeling and social media world. Born on May 6th, 1998, in Florida, this Taurus has made a name for herself as both an Instagram star and a TikTok celebrity. With over 3 million followers on Instagram alone, Emily has become a well-known influencer in the fashion and beauty industry.


Emily’s career in modeling began in 2018 when she was signed by an agency in Miami. Since then, she has worked with several high-profile brands and has been featured in various magazines. 

However, it was her social media presence that truly catapulted her to fame. Emily’s stunning looks and engaging personality quickly gained her a massive following on Instagram and TikTok, where she shares her daily life, fashion tips, and beauty routines with her fans.

Despite her success, Emily has faced her fair share of criticism and controversy.

 In 2023, she made headlines when she announced her engagement to Garrett, a man she had been dating for only a few months. Some fans were quick to criticize the relationship, claiming it was a publicity stunt or that Emily was moving too fast. Nevertheless, Emily remains focused on her career and continues to inspire her followers with her confidence and style.

Early Life and Education

Emily Elizabeth Education

Emily Elizabeth Howard, better known as Emily Elizabeth, was born on May 6th, 1998, in Florida, United States. Her parents raised her in the state of Florida, where she spent most of her childhood. Unfortunately, there is no information available about her parents, siblings, or family background.

Emily Elizabeth attended a local high school in Florida, where she completed her education. There is no information available about her further education, such as college or university. However, it is known that she was always interested in modeling and fashion since her childhood and had a strong desire to pursue a career in the same field.

Despite the lack of information about her education, Emily Elizabeth has managed to make a name for herself as an Instagram model and influencer. Her modeling career took off in 2017 when she started posting her pictures on Instagram. Since then, she has gained a massive following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where she regularly shares her pictures related to fashion and swimwear.

At the age of 23, Emily Elizabeth has already made a significant impact in the modeling industry and has become a rising star in the social media world. Her charming personality, stunning looks, and hard work have helped her achieve success at a young age.


Emily Elizabeth is a social media influencer who has made a name for herself on various platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. She began her social media career by sharing travel posts and bikini photographs on Instagram, which quickly gained her a following. Her content has since evolved to include fashion, beauty, and lifestyle-related posts.

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Emily’s success on social media has earned her brand endorsement jobs with reputable American companies. Brands she has worked with are Fashion Nova, Oh Polly, and PrettyLittleThing. Emily has also collaborated with various fashion and beauty brands to launch her own products, such as her swimwear line and her own line of false eyelashes.

She has worked with various photographers and modeling agencies, and has been featured in several publications. Emily’s modeling work has also landed her opportunities to work with brands on sponsored posts and collaborations.

Overall, Emily Elizabeth’s career has been built on her social media presence, modeling work, and brand partnerships. She has established herself as a successful influencer and entrepreneur, leveraging her following to create her own products and collaborate with top brands in the industry.

Personal Life

Emily Elizabeth

Emily Elizabeth is currently 25 years old and her Zodiac sign is Taurus. Emily Elizabeth is American and was raised in Florida. She is currently based in New York.

In terms of her personal life, Emily Elizabeth has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Garrett since January 2020. The couple often posts pictures of each other on their social media accounts, and they seem to be very happy together.

Emily Elizabeth is also an animal lover and has a dog named Luna. She frequently posts pictures and videos of her dog on her social media accounts, and it is clear that she loves spending time with her furry friend.

Overall, Emily Elizabeth seems to live a relatively low-key personal life, preferring to keep her personal life separate from her social media career.

Physical Attributes

Emily Elizabeth is a stunning model who has gained a massive following on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. She is known for her striking beauty and impeccable physique. 

Emily Elizabeth stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

She has a toned and curvaceous figure, which she maintains through her passion for fitness. Her body measurements are 35-27-32 inches, showcasing her hourglass shape. Emily Elizabeth’s stunning looks and figure have earned her a place among the top Instagram models.

Emily Elizabeth’s natural beauty is enhanced by her long, luscious hair, which she often styles in beachy waves. She also has a flawless complexion, with clear skin and a radiant glow. Her striking features include her piercing blue eyes and full lips, which she accentuates with subtle makeup.

In addition to her physical beauty, Emily Elizabeth is also known for her confidence and poise. She exudes grace and elegance in her photoshoots and videos, making her a sought-after model for fashion and swimwear brands.

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However,  Emily Elizabeth’s physical attributes make her a standout model in the industry. Her stunning looks, toned physique, and confident demeanor have earned her a loyal fan base and numerous brand partnerships.

Net Worth and Awards

Emily Elizabeth has amassed a considerable net worth through her successful career as a social media influencer and model. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be just under 1.5 million U.S. dollars, according to The Trend Spotter.

Her income is mainly generated from her impressive following on social media platforms, such as Instagram, where she creates sponsored content for her followers. She has also collaborated with various brands, including fashion and beauty companies, to promote their products on her social media accounts.

While Emily Elizabeth has not received any notable awards or nominations, she has gained recognition for her work as an influencer and model. Her popularity on social media has led to various opportunities, including modeling gigs and brand partnerships.

Emily Elizabeth’s success as a social media influencer and model has allowed her to lead a comfortable life and pursue her passions. She continues to inspire her followers with her stunning photos and engaging content on social media.

Social Media Presence

Emily Elizabeth is a social media star with a massive following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Her Instagram handle @emmilyelizabethh has over 3 million followers, and she has 1.1 million likes on TikTok.

Emily’s social media presence is characterized by her stunning modeling shots and impeccable fashion sense. She frequently posts pictures of herself in trendy outfits, and her followers look up to her for fashion inspiration.

Apart from her fashion sense, Emily is also known for her engaging personality and creative content. She frequently posts videos of herself lip-syncing to popular songs, and her followers love her for her relatable and fun content.

Emily is also active on YouTube, where she has over 300k subscribers. She posts a variety of content on her channel, including vlogs, Q&A videos, and makeup tutorials. Her YouTube channel is another platform   where she showcases her creative talents and engages with her followers.

In addition to her personal social media handles, Emily is also active on other platforms like Twitter and OnlyFans. Her Twitter handle @emilye__howard has over 10k followers, where she frequently interacts with her fans and shares updates about her life. Emily’s OnlyFans account is another platform where she shares exclusive content with her fans.

Overall, Emily Elizabeth’s social media presence is a testament to her creativity, engaging personality, and fashion sense. Her followers look up to her for inspiration, and she continues to grow her fan base across different platforms.

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Emily Elizabeth: Bikini Pictures and OnlyFans Page

Emily Elizabeth Biography

Emily Elizabeth is a social media star who has gained a massive following on Instagram and TikTok. She is known for her stunning bikini pictures and has recently launched an OnlyFans page where she shares exclusive content with her fans.

On her Instagram page, Emily Elizabeth has over 3 million followers and has posted over 400 photos and videos. Her feed is filled with pictures of her in bikinis, lingerie, and other revealing outfits. She often poses in exotic locations, such as the beach or a luxurious hotel room.

Emily Elizabeth’s OnlyFans page is where she shares even more revealing content with her fans. For a subscription fee of $20 per month, fans can access exclusive photos and videos that are not posted on her other social media accounts. Her page has gained a large following, with many fans praising her for her stunning looks and sexy content.

Despite the controversy surrounding OnlyFans, Emily Elizabeth has defended her decision to launch a page on the platform. She has stated that it allows her to connect with her fans in a more intimate way and has given her more control over her content.

Overall, Emily Elizabeth’s bikini pictures and OnlyFans page have helped her gain a massive following on social media. She continues to be a popular figure in the modeling and social media world.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Emily Elizabeth

Emily Elizabeth is a popular Instagram influencer and model known for her stunning photos and engaging content. Here are some frequently asked questions about her:

What is Emily Elizabeth’s net worth?

According to Popular Bio, Emily Elizabeth’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million USD. She earns most of her income from her social media following, where she creates sponsored content for her fans.

How old is Emily Elizabeth?

There is some confusion about Emily Elizabeth’s age, but according to, she is in her mid-20s as of 2022.

What kind of content does Emily Elizabeth create?

Emily Elizabeth is known for her stunning photos, which often feature her in swimwear and other fashionable clothing. She also creates sponsored content for various brands, and her Instagram feed is full of travel photos and lifestyle shots.

Does Emily Elizabeth have an OnlyFans account?

There is no evidence to suggest that Emily Elizabeth has an OnlyFans account, despite rumors to the contrary.

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