Patrick Christys Wikipedia: Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Family, & More

Patrick Christys is a British news anchor, freelance journalist broadcaster, and media personality serving as a presenter at GB News. He is best known as the host of political debate shows on Sky News and BBC Radio 5 Live. He was born on January 5th, 1992, in Lancashire, England.


Christys worked at a range of news outlets including BBC Radio 4, Channel 4, BBC News, Sky News, and BBC World Service. He has reported from countries including Pakistan, the UK, India, and the USA for a number of organizations.

Christys’ fiancee is Emily Carver, a news presenter, commentator and columnist. He currently has no children.

Christys is estimated to have a net worth of £1million, although it is still under review. He has made a living by presenting and hosting shows and debates. In addition to his television, radio, and documentary-making work, Patrick has also written several books. 

Christys has proven himself to be a hardworking individual in his lengthy news career. He has enabled citizens throughout the UK to be informed as well as provided fresh and entertaining opinion pieces through his extensive knowledge, analysis, and insight. His fame and success are thoroughly deserved throughout the media industry.

Patrick Christys Wikipedia: Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Family, & More

Patrick Christys is a British news anchor, freelance journalist, and broadcaster, best known as a media personality, especially as a Presenter with GB News. He was born in 1992 in England and his approximate age is 31.

Patrick’s career as a media personality began in early 2017 when he served as a news anchor for BBC News. In addition to his work on the air, Patrick has also worked as a freelance journalist, covering important international news stories all over the world.

In 2019, Patrick signed on as a presenter for Sky News, a major British news broadcaster, where he worked for two years. In 2021, he left Sky News to re-emerge as a presenter for GB News, a newly formed alternative broadcasting company, where he remains today.

Patrick is not married and was recently engaged to Emily Carver, a news presenter, commentator, and columnist in 2023. The to-be couple currently have no child together and they both reside in London.

Patrick’s net worth is estimated to be around £1million thanks in part to his years of successful broadcasting, although this amount is still under review.

Although Patrick came from a humble background, he is close to his family. His grandmother, brother, and father both live in England, while his father Peter Christy’s profession is not made public, the family seems to be happy and financially comfortable. Furthermore, he is close with many of his colleagues from BBC News, Sky News, and GB News, and is a member of a number of professional organizations.

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Patrick Christys Wikipedia

Biography of Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys is a British news anchor, freelance journalist, broadcaster, and media personality serving as a presenter at GB News, a new news channel that was launched a few years ago. He was formerly the anchor of BBC News 24 and later BBC World News. He has a long career in broadcasting, beginning in late 2017 with the BBC where he worked on various news programs as well as Newsnight and BBC Breakfast.

Christys attended the University of Nottingham where he studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Politics. 

few years ago while continuing his media work, he embarked on a legal career at the University of Law graduating with a Graduate Diploma in Law. After graduating, he immediately began working for the BBC, covering many important stories such as Kosovo, the Millenium celebrations, and the 9/11 terror attacks. He was also sent to the United States for the US presidential campaigns.

Christys also worked as a correspondent for BBC News, covering a wide range of stories from the Middle East peace process to the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also covered the FIFA World Cup. During his time at BBC News 24, he was part of the team that won the Royal Television Society award for Best Live News Event Coverage.

In 2018, Christys became the presenter of BBC World News America, covering important events such as in South Africa and the Japanese tsunami. From 2018 to 2019, he presented The Global Debate, a weekly international current affairs discussion program.

Christys has also appeared on several radio shows, including BBC Radio Five Live’s Drive Time Sports Show and BBC Radio 6 Music. In addition to his broadcasting work, Christys has hosted a number of corporate events for numerous international organizations. He has also written two books, Expedition 97 and Aloof & Unaware, and is a visiting lecturer for Oxford University and the Army and Navy Club in London.

Christys is now a part of the team at GB News, with the aim to set a new outstanding record in airwaves and media space for years to come. He is one of the presenters of the channel, with the goal of bringing a fresh look at news and current affairs to the British audience.

Age, Wife, Net Worth, Family, & More About Patrick Christys

Age: Patrick Christys was born on January 5th, 1992. He is currently 31 years old.

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Wife: Patrick Christys is unmarried, and there is information available regarding his marital status, he is currently engaged to Emily Carver, a news presenter, commentator, and columnist.

Net Worth: Patrick Christys’ estimated net worth is £1million although this information is yet to be verified. This number comprises his income from his media career as a news anchor, freelance journalist, and broadcaster. 

Family: Patrick Christys is from a middle-class family. He has revealed that his family comprises his grandmother, brother, and father and has not released any information regarding his mother.

Career: Patrick Christys is a British news anchor, freelance journalist, and broadcaster. He is currently a presenter for GB News. Prior to this, he was a reporter and radio presenter on TalkRadio and was also a regular face on the Knock-Off show on London Channel 4. He has also appeared on Sky News and other prestigious news channels.

Patrick Christys Political Views

Patrick Christys is a British news anchor, freelance journalist, broadcaster, and media personality serving as a Presenter at GB News. He is an acclaimed public figure in the United Kingdom and has been a common figure across British media for many years.

Christys has a wide variety of political views that span a range of topics. He is a strong believer in conservative values such as individual responsibility and hard work, fiscal responsibility, and a limited government. He is known for being vocal in his support for Britain’s continued membership in the European Union, believing that the EU provides Britain with economic stability and promotes open trade. He is also critical of anti-immigration rhetoric, believing that immigrants make the country a better place and that it is socially irresponsible to demonize them.

Christys is also an advocate for media freedom, believing that the freedom of the press and the right to free speech are core elements of a functional democracy. He is an outspoken critic of current British laws that restrict journalists’ ability to report on controversial topics and has been a vocal advocate for a free press in the UK.

Christys is an advocate for social justice and equality, believing that discrimination is still prevalent in society. He is vocal in his support for groups that face inequality, such as people of color, the LGBT community, and women. He believes that these groups should be treated equally in both law and practice.

Finally, Christys is an advocate for responsible environmental stewardship. He believes that British citizens should prioritize environmental protection and that Britain should be an international leader in combating climate change. He also believes that steps should be taken to reduce air pollution and protect wildlife.

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Patrick Christys Partner

Patrick Christys is engaged to Emily Carver who is a news presenter, commentator, and columnist based in the UK. She has been working in the media space since 2020 on various popular news channels, The Real News Network (TRNN) and many more. Carver gained recognition in her home state as a local news reporter before joining TRNN. Through her work there and her highly sought-after podcast TR Talk, Carver has earned acclaim for her insightful analysis and professional demeanor.

Patrick Christys Ethnicity

Patrick Christys is a British News anchor, freelance journalist broadcaster, and media personality serving as a Presenter at GB News. His ethnicity is half Greek Cypriot from his father’s side and half Irish from his mother’s side. He belongs to a family of immigrants in England. 

He grew up in South-West London and South-East England and was born to a Greek father and an Irish mother. His mother’s family is of Irish descent and his father’s family is of Greek Cypriot descent.

It is unclear precisely how he identifies racially or ethnically, though it is clear that he is of mixed descent. Despite his heritage, Patrick is very much a British national and is very proud of his country. He is a strong advocate for the United Kingdom and its people. He has worked on a variety of TV and radio shows, appearing on stations such as Sky News, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Patrick Christys married?

No, Patrick Christy is not married.

Is Patrick Christy engaged to Emily Carver?

Yes, Patrick Christy and Emily Carver are engaged.

Who is Patrick Christys?

Patrick Christys is a British News anchor, freelance journalist broadcaster, and media personality serving as a Presenter at GB News.

How old is Patrick Christys?

Patrick Christys is 31 years old.


Patrick Christy is an experienced news anchor, freelance journalist, and broadcaster who is now the Presenter for GB News. With many years of experience in the field of journalism and media, Patrick Christy is an educated and trusted spokesperson for news and media outlets around the world. His prestigious net worth and career life have made Patrick Christy a well-known name in news and media circles. He has the perfect combination of expertise and experience to bring GB News further into the spotlight and onto the main stage of journalism.


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