Elizabeth Francis Frakes: Early Life and Career, Husband, Net worth, Family and  Nationality

Elizabeth Francis Frakes is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. She is an American theater actor, writer, and filmmaker who has made a name for herself through her hard work and dedication. Elizabeth was born on May 30, 1997, and is the daughter of actor and director Jonathan Frakes and actress Genie Francis.

Elizabeth’s mother, Genie Francis, is best known for her roles in popular soap operas such as “General Hospital,” “Days of Our Lives,” and “The Young and the Restless.” Following in her mother’s footsteps, Elizabeth has also pursued a career in acting. She has appeared in a few short films and made her television acting debut on “General Hospital,” where she played the character of Julie.

Apart from acting, Elizabeth is also a talented writer and filmmaker. She has written and directed several short films, which have received critical acclaim. Elizabeth is based out of Portland and Los Angeles, where she continues to pursue her passion for the arts. With her talent and dedication, Elizabeth is sure to make a mark in the entertainment industry, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the future.

Early Life and Education

Elizabeth Francis Frakes

Elizabeth Francis Frakes was born on May 30, 1997, in Maine to her parents, Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis. She grew up in Belfast, Maine, alongside her brother, Jameson Ivor Frakes. Her father, Jonathan Frakes, is a famous American actor and director, while her mother, Genie Francis, is also a renowned American actress.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes received her early education in Maine. She attended a local high school, where she was an excellent student. After completing her high school education, she enrolled at Ithaca College, where she majored in documentary studies.

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While at college, Elizabeth Francis Frakes developed a keen interest in filmmaking. She learned the art of documentary filmmaking and honed her skills under the guidance of experienced filmmakers. She also participated in various film festivals and competitions, where she showcased her talent and creativity.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes’s brother, Jameson Ivor Frakes, is also a talented musician. He is not interested in a career in show business and instead majored in documentary studies at Ithaca College, just like his sister.

Overall, Elizabeth Francis Frakes had a privileged upbringing, growing up in a family of accomplished actors and artists. She received an excellent education, which helped her develop her skills and interests in documentary filmmaking.


Elizabeth Francis Frakes

Elizabeth Francis Frakes is a multi-talented artist who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She started her career in theater at a young age, and her passion for acting and storytelling has only grown stronger over the years.

Frakes has worked as an actor, writer, and filmmaker, and has made significant contributions in each field. She has acted in several plays and productions, including “The Taming of the Shrew,” “The Importance of Being Earnest,” and “The Glass Menagerie.” Her performances have been well-received by audiences and critics alike.

As a writer, Frakes has written several plays and screenplays, including “The Last Time We Saw Her” and “The Confectionery.” Her writing is known for its depth, complexity, and emotional resonance.

Frakes has also made a name for herself as a filmmaker. She has directed and produced several short films, including “The Man in the Trunk” and “The Last Time We Saw Her.” Her films have been screened at several festivals and have won critical acclaim.

Overall, Elizabeth Francis Frakes is a talented artist who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. Her work as an actor, writer, and filmmaker has been widely appreciated, and she continues to inspire and entertain audiences with her creativity and passion.

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Net Worth

As of 2023, Elizabeth Francis Frakes’ net worth is unknown. However, some sources estimate that her father, Jonathan Frakes, has a net worth of roughly $25 million.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes is an American playwright, performer, and filmmaker. She has acted in several theater productions and has written and directed short films. She graduated from Lewis and Clark College with English and Theater degrees.

While her net worth is not publicly known, it is clear that Elizabeth Francis Frakes has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her talent and hard work have earned her recognition and opportunities to showcase her skills.

It is important to note that net worth is not the only measure of success or talent. Elizabeth Francis Frakes’ contributions to the arts and entertainment industry are valuable and noteworthy, regardless of her financial status.

Personal Life

Elizabeth Francis Frakes

Relationship Status

Elizabeth Francis Frakes is a private person when it comes to her personal life. As of September 2023, there is no information about her current relationship status. It is unclear whether she is single, dating, or married. Elizabeth has not shared any information about her boyfriend or partner publicly.


Elizabeth Francis Frakes was born on May 30, 1997, in the United States. She is the daughter of Jonathan Frakes, an American actor, and director, and Genie Francis, an American actress. Her parents got married in 1988 and have been together ever since. Elizabeth has a younger brother named Jameson Ivor Frakes, who was born in 1994.

Automobile Collection

There is no information available about Elizabeth Francis Frakes’ automobile collection. It is unclear whether she owns any cars or has a passion for collecting them. However, her father, Jonathan Frakes, is known to be a car enthusiast and has a collection of vintage cars. He has been seen attending car shows and events with his cars.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the family background of Genie Francis?

Genie Francis was born on May 26, 1962, in Englewood, New Jersey, to parents Ivor Francis and Rosemary Daley. Her father was an actor and her mother was a former actress and model.

How did Jonathan Frakes and his wife meet?

Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis met on the set of the television show “Bare Essence” in 1984. They got married on May 28, 1988.

Does Genie Francis have a daughter who is an actress?

Yes, Genie Francis has a daughter named Elizabeth Francis Frakes who is an actress, writer, and filmmaker. Elizabeth was born on May 30, 1997, in Maine.

What is the net worth of Jonathan Frakes?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jonathan Frakes has a net worth of $25 million as of 2021. He has earned his wealth through his successful acting and directing career.

What are some notable roles played by Genie Francis?

Genie Francis is best known for her roles as Laura Spencer on “General Hospital,” Diana Colville on “Days of Our Lives,” and Genevieve Atkinson on “The Young and the Restless.”

How long have Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis been married?

Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis have been married since May 28, 1988. As of 2023, they have been married for 35 years.

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