Anne Terzian Biography, Net worth, And The Killer of Her Ex-Husband (Bob Crane) Reveal.

Anne Terzian Biography

One of the simplest ways to become a celebrity wife is to marry one, and Anne Terzian is no exception. Many fans of the 1990s showbiz world may recognize her more than they do now because she is Bob Crane’s ex-wife.


Her ex-boyfriend was a well-known American actor, drummer, and radio presenter who received two Emmy nominations.

Anne Terzian may not be as well-known as her previous husband, Bob Crane, but given the actor’s background, that’s reasonable.

While her husband’s career as a star of ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ was successful, she stayed by his side for the duration of their marriage until their divorce.

In this article, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about Anne Terzian biography, the net worth of 2022, her career, her current boyfriend, and a lot more.

Anne Terzian Biography

Thousands of people have become famous in various ways. Anne Terzian is one such person.

Anne was a common woman who rose to stardom after marrying a well-known superstar.

People think that becoming the wife of a famous celebrity is one of the simplest methods to get attention.

After she married her husband, Bob Crane, the same thing happened to her.

Despite the fact that she is the star’s ex-wife, she received plenty of media attention. She continues to attract the media’s attention 42 years after her ex-husband’s death. 

People are familiar with Anne because she was married to famed actor Bob Crane.

Despite the fact that she is the ex-wife of well-known Hollywood actor Bob, little information about her personal life can be found on the internet or in other sources.

Furthermore, there isn’t much information about her on the internet. There are no data about her personal life available.

However, we are only aware of events involving Bob and her.

Anne Crane was married to Bob Crane for 21 years.

In 1949, Anne married her ex-husband, Bob Crane. They were high school sweethearts before they married.

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They married each other in 1949 after being school sweethearts. After 21 years of marriage, the pair divorced in 1970.

Although most people knew him as Bob, his full name was Robert Edward Crane, and he died at the age of 49 on July 19, 1928.

Who are Bob Crane and Anne Terzian

Anne and Bob are the parents of three children. Robert David Crane, Deborah Ann Crane, and Karen Leslie Crane are their names. Bob married his second wife, Sigrid Valdis, in the same year that they divorced.

Bob was a great Hollywood actor who appeared in a number of films.

He was one of the most well-known and respected performers in the industry at the time.

Bob Crane

Robert Edward Crane was an actor, drummer, radio personality, and disc jockey from the United States, best known for his role in the CBS situation comedy Hogan’s Heroes.

Crane began his career as a radio presenter, first in New York City and subsequently in Connecticut, where he was a drummer since he was a child.

He subsequently relocated to Los Angeles, where he hosted the most popular morning show in the city. He began acting in the early 1960s, obtaining the starring part of Colonel Robert Hogan in Hogan’s Heroes. Crane received two Emmy Award nominations for the series, which lasted from 1965 through 1971.

After Hogan’s Heroes, Crane’s career began to wane. He became dissatisfied with the few roles that were available to him and began working in the dinner theater.

In 1975, he returned to television in the NBC series The Bob Crane Show, but the show was canceled after 13 weeks due to low ratings. After that, Crane resumed his career as a dinner theater performer, with occasional guest appearances on television.

Bob Crane Death

Crane was found dead in his Scottsdale, Arizona, apartment in June 1978, while on tour for a dinner theater production of Beginner’s Luck. Officially, the homicide is still unsolved. Due to the dubious circumstances of his death and postmortem revelations about his personal life, his previously uncontroversial public image degraded.

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Victoria went looking for Bob when he failed to appear for a lunch meeting. Victoria discovered Bob’s bludgeoned body when she entered the flat.

Despite the fact that the investigator believes the weapon used was a tripod, there are no specifics regarding it. They found Joh Henry Carpenter guilty after researching Bob’s murder case for a period of time in 1992.

Bob’s funeral was held at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Westwood, Los Angeles, on July 5th.

Anne Terzian Net Woth

Anne’s net worth is $100,000 as of March 2021. She received a percentage of her late husband’s bank account after the death of another ex-husband Bob, which increased her money account in a certain way.

On the internet, there isn’t much information on her source of income. Her net worth is only known as of March 2021.

Quick Facts of Anne Terzian

  • First Name:Anne
  • Last Name:Terzian
  • Other Names:Anne Crane
  • Build:Slim
  • Hair Color:Blonde
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Ethnicity:White
  • Nationality:American
  • Occupation Category:Spouse
  • Claim to Fame:First wife of actor Bob Crane

Surprisingly, the investigation is being reopened.

John Hook reviews the evidence in the murder of Bob Crane.

Last year, Phoenix television anchor John Hook published a book about the Crane case and was able to retest several of the blood samples presented as evidence.

“It routinely rates as one of the great unsolved celebrity killings of all time,” Hook said, adding that he receives “all the time” requests for interviews and speaking engagements on the case.

“Who Killed Bob Crane?” is the title of his book. Hookset out to use forensic science to “stop the speculation” regarding Crane’s death, much like legendary attorney Vincent Bugliosi attempted to do in his book about the Kennedy assassination in 2007.

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Hook centered his investigation on DNA technology, which was not available at the time of the crime and was relatively rudimentary in its application during Carpenter’s trial.

“If we can retest things, we might be able to verify that the blood found in Carpenter’s car was Bob Crane’s,” said Hook, a KSAZ-TV anchor (Channel 10).

He stated that the jury felt Carpenter was the murderer, but that the evidence was insufficient.

Authorities made significant mistakes that eventually damaged their case almost from the time Crane’s death was discovered in his bedroom of the Winfield Place flats (now condominiums) in Scottsdale.

To begin with, Scottsdale police did not properly secure the crime scene. They let Victoria Berry, his co-star, into the flat multiple times to answer the phone, potentially contaminating the crime scene. In addition, according to Hook, the Maricopa County Medical Examiner crawled over Crane’s body and shaved his head in order to study the fatal wound.

And, despite evidence images showing a portion of what looks to be human tissue on the door of Carpenter’s rental car, the state Department of Public Safety’s crime lab either lost or never attempted to recover that crucial piece of evidence.

John Hook, a journalist, claims he became “kind of obsessed” with the Bob Crane case.

Crane and Carpenter had known each other for a long time. Carpenter worked as a sales manager for Sony and later Akai before passing away in 1998. He and Crane shared a passion for the latest technology gadgets.

They both had a fascination with women and pornography. Police discovered video footage of Crane and a number of women in his flat, as well as photographic negatives of nude women.

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