Dan Katz Married? Who Is His Wife? An Insight Into His Love Life

Dan Katz Wife Is He Married?

Searching for information about Dan Katz wife Is he married? Well, in this article, we also discuss Dan Katz, his childhood, profession, relationship status, net worth, first son, and more, so grab your cup of coffee and follow up with me.


Dan Katz is one of the most fascinating people you’ll ever meet in the sports podcasting sector, despite the fact that it’s only recently gained traction. Many people have inquired about Dan Katz’s marriage.

Please hold on! There are a lot of Dan Katzs on the internet, but thankfully, the one we’re talking about is distinguished by his very popular nick, “Big Cat.” Let us introduce Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz to you.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Dan Katz’s marriage, his profession as a podcaster, his net worth, and all of his oddities in this post.

If you’re familiar with the Barstool brand, you’ve probably heard of Katz. When Barstool was still ‘toddling’ as a sports publication, the satires master started as a writer for it.

He rose to become one of the sports outlet’s most influential content creators. We don’t know much about his origins, but we do know he loves sports, which explains his popularity among sports lovers who listen to his podcast.

Dan Katz’s Bio

Daniel Katz was born on January 30, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, making him 36 years old. We don’t know who his parents or siblings are; all we know about the charming man is his disastrous journey to stardom. 

Dan Katz’s Professional Life

Katz began his career as a host of podcasts. He and PFT commentator (Eric Sollenberger) co-host the popular Pardon My Take (PMT) podcast, which is widely recognized as one of the most satirical sports podcasts in the United States.

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With this reputation, you’d expect the podcast’s audience to be in the thousands. Surprisingly, PMT has over ten million listeners.

Dan Katz’s New Podcast Show 

Following the PMT’s success, Katz decided to team up with a professional baseball player, Alex ‘A-rod’ Rodriguez, to create The Corps, a podcast show that premiered in December 2018.

Several celebrities appeared on the show in its first season, including the late Kobe Bryant, Michael Rubin, Barry Sternlicht, Barbara Corcoran, and others.

Is ‘Big Cat’ married or unmarried?

Phew! Dan Katz can be outspoken about his business life, but when it comes to his personal life, he keeps his mouth shut. To be honest, he maintains a high level of consistency in his personal life away from social media. This is why it’s difficult to tell if Dan Katz ever had a wife. He is not married, but he and his girlfriend are in a great relationship.

Dan Katz Wife Is He Married?

As a result, we know he isn’t married. He does, however, have a girlfriend. We know he has a girlfriend, but we don’t know if they are married for the hundredth time.

On March 26, 2019, Katz announced on Twitter, for the first time in his life, or perhaps for the first time since he became famous, that he was expecting a kid. Who are you going to be with? Nichole is the only name we have for the lucky lady.

We found out about his new baby when he wrote an essay for Barstool titled “I’m Going To Be A Dad This Summer (On Purpose).” This one-of-a-kind revelation piqued the interest of Dan’s admirers, who demanded to know who his companion was, but Dan kept his mouth shut once more.

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Dan Katz’s Online Presence

Dan has a large number of fans on social media. He has almost 900,000 followers on Twitter, where he is highly active. His Instagram account, which has 648k followers, isn’t left out either.

His Estimated Net Worth

Katz is worth $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. According to a reliable source, he is paid $175,000 for each episode of Pardon My Take in which he appears. This equates to a $27.3 million annual compensation.

According to some accounts, he controls a $100 million company franchise. In any event, these assertions are merely rumors with no basis in fact. However, one thing is certain: he is a wealthy man.

Dan previously stated that he was expecting a child; has he now become a father?

Dan stunned his followers in March 2019 when he sent out a tweet. He said that he and his partner or wife are expecting their first child in the tweet. Additionally, he stated that he will become a father in June of the same year.

He also shared an article from Barstool Sports in which he freely discussed the importance of keeping his personal life secret. He indicated in the report that he is expecting a boy. Dan and his wife welcomed their first child on June 19th, 2019. He shared the good news on Twitter, along with a snapshot of his son’s birth certificate and birth photograph.

It’s been a year since his baby was born, and he’ll be one year old in June.

In June 2019, Dan and his partner welcomed their first child, a boy.

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Aside from announcing the birth of his child, Dan also stated that he will not be answering any further questions about his child. He penned,

“I’m not going to say much more than this right now. I’m not going to make a movie about my child’s birth or childhood. There is no right or wrong way to approach this; it is entirely personal.”

He goes on to say while pleading with his impassioned supporters to respect his decision,

“I want to give my future son the most natural upbringing possible, which means not broadcasting his childhood to the entire world.” That is my personal choice, which I hope you would respect.”


We know that, as discreet as he is, Dan Katz does not have a wife at the time, but he does have a girlfriend who has a child for him. We don’t know if they intend to take their relationship to the next level. However, we sincerely hope they do. Dan Katz’s career demonstrates that perseverance, hard effort, and enthusiasm are still required to reach the top.

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