Wendy Rieger Bio, Early Life, Career & Death

While many people pass away without leaving any lasting legacy, others leave the entire globe in mourning. Wendy Rieger fits this description. The world was grieved by her death.


Wendy Rieger was a well-known journalist and actor who was best known as the anchor for WRC-TV. She also started the Going Green organization. She posted an internet report about the environment.

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Additionally, she has won several accolades throughout her career. She has also received the coveted Emmy Award, which every journalist dreams of receiving. Her exposé on the Vietnam War earned her an Emmy. She has also received numerous accolades from Washingtonian Magazine.

Wendy Rieger Early Life and Education

On April 18, 1856, Wendy Rieger was born in Norfolk, Virginia. She was an American citizen. She was an Aries according to her birth date.

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She was conceived by her parents, Donald Rieger and Maxine Rieger. Her mother was a reading specialist and an English teacher. Her father was a pilot at the time. Her father reportedly served as a captain in the second world war and participated in combat.

She also spent her formative years in her hometown with her brother. She hasn’t, however, mentioned her brother’s name.

When she was just 8 years old, her parents divorced.

When she was just eight years old, the performer had to confront the painful reality of her parent’s divorce. She was going through a difficult time, but it didn’t stop her from learning.

She used to visit the library daily and take out five books. Additionally, she emphasized how eager she was to read those wonderful novels when she got home.

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Wendy enrolled in American University after graduating from high school. In 1980, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism.

Wendy Rieger Career

She began her career as a journalist reading the news for a Tidewater-based radio station. She has worked with several notable news outlets over her career, including WTOP, WLTT-FM, WAMU, WRC-TV, and NBC

She also worked as an actor in Norfolk during the 1970s. We only have just one instance of her acting credit in our files.

wendy Rieger

Going Green was founded by Wendy Rieger.

She also received the 2008 Washington Green Award. She was recognized for her efforts to protect and preserve the environment.

Wendy Rieger Personal Life and Body Measurements

In her lifetime, the WRC-TV reporter was twice married. Sol Levine was the man she married for the first time. Producer of television, Sol. Among many others, he has collaborated with well-known networks like CNN, NBC, and ABC.

In September 1993, the couple exchanged wedding vows. Even though they haven’t specified a specific date, they only separated a few years into their marriage.

Wendy later met a handsome man called Dan Buckley after several years had passed since her divorce from Levine. Former photographer Dan is here. The couple was married in November 2021.

Wendy was last seen clutching her husband’s hand, according to a witness. This reveals how lovely their union was and how much they valued one another.

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According to some sources, she resolved to spend the next 33 years with her wonderful husband, Dan, when she made her new year’s resolution on January 1st, 2022. But the calamity happened, and everything was dispersed.

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Additionally, upon her passing, Buckley used a Rabindranath Tagore statement on his Instagram account to convey his emotions.

She passed away at age 65. Her glioblastoma led to her passing away on April 16, 2022. More than 10,000 Americans every year lose their lives to glioblastoma, often known as GBM. Just two days remained till the late journalist turned 66.

Many well-known people and media journalists expressed their condolences to her family and friends. Numerous media outlets, including The Washington Post, NBC Washington, and others, could be seen bidding farewell.

Her family and friends, as well as coworkers, gathered to express grief for her obituary.

The former journalist/actor had several health issues. Her heart was operated on in October 2020. Since the procedure was performed to fix a damaged mitral valve, it was successful.

She received a Glioblastoma diagnosis the next year, a severe form of brain cancer. She endured numerous operations and treatments after that. To concentrate on her health, she also decided to retire from her employment in December 2021.

Cancer, however, did not heed her yearning to live longer. She had persevered through the treatment, but only a few weeks before turning 66, cancer aggressively spread. She left everyone behind when she died.

According to reports, the media personality was 1.6 meters tall, or 5 feet, 4 inches. She also weighed about 60 kg.

Wendy Rieger Net Worth

Wendy Rieger’s estimated net worth at the time of her demies was $600.000. She had primarily acquired the wealth through her work as a journalist.

As far as we know, she began working as a reporter in 1988. 33 years of her life have been devoted to the journalistic industry. To make a respectable living during her active years, she must have earned something over time.

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