Victor Farmiga: Early Life,Wife, Parents, career, net worth and family

Victor Farmiga is the older brother of the famous American actresses Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga. Despite being related to two successful actresses, Victor has managed to keep his life out of the public eye. He has managed to maintain a low profile, and there is not much information available about him.


Victor Farmiga was born and raised in New Jersey, along with his six siblings. He is the eldest of the seven siblings, with Vera and Taissa being the most famous. While Vera is known for her role in The Conjuring and Taissa for her performance in American Horror Story, Victor has managed to stay away from the limelight. He is a private individual who prefers to keep his personal life to himself.

Early Life

Victor Farmiga

Victor Farmiga was born in March 1972 in New Jersey to his parents, Mykhailo Farmiga and Luba Spas Farmiga. He is the eldest of seven siblings, including Alexander Farmiga, Laryssa Farmiga, Stephan Farmiga, Taissa Farmiga, and Nadia Farmiga, and his sister Vera Farmiga, who is also a well-known actress in Hollywood.

Growing up in his hometown with his parents and siblings, Victor had a typical childhood. Not much is known about his early life, but it is believed that he attended a local school in New Jersey and later went on to pursue higher education.

Victor’s younger sister, Nadia Farmiga, is a notable artist who has exhibited her works in several galleries around the world. Alexander Farmiga, another sibling, is a software engineer who has worked for several top companies in the tech industry.

Overall, Victor Farmiga had a relatively normal childhood, growing up with his siblings in New Jersey. While not much is known about his early life, he has gone on to achieve success in his own right, and his family continues to be a prominent force in the entertainment industry.


Victor Farmiga is not as well-known as his sisters Vera and Taissa, but he has had a successful career in the film industry. He started his career as a production assistant and worked on various films, including the 1995 drama “Dead Man Walking” and the 1996 comedy “Kingpin.”

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Victor then moved on to work as a location manager, and he worked on the 1997 film “The Myth of Fingerprints” and the 1998 drama “The Thin Red Line.” He continued to work as a location manager on several other films, including “The Station Agent” and “The Nanny Diaries.”

In addition to his work as a location manager, Victor has also worked as a producer. He produced the 2009 drama “The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations” and the 2014 comedy “The Longest Week.” He also served as an executive producer on the 2016 film “The Architect.”

Despite his success in the film industry, Victor has managed to stay out of the spotlight and keep his personal life private. He prefers to focus on his work behind the scenes and has not pursued a career in front of the camera like his sisters.

Personal Life

Victor Farmiga

Victor Farmiga is known for his privacy and keeps his personal life away from the public eye. He is the eldest of seven siblings, including famous actresses Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga. Victor and his siblings were raised in a Ukrainian-American family in New Jersey.

Victor has been married to his wife, Alexandra, for many years, and they have three children together. However, there is no information available about his wife or children.

Victor is a talented musician and has been playing the guitar since he was a teenager. He has played in various bands over the years and is known for his love of music.

In his free time, Victor enjoys spending time with his family and traveling. He is also an avid reader and enjoys reading books on a variety of topics. Victor is a private person who prefers to keep his personal life separate from his public life.

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Contributions and Achievements

Victor Farmiga has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry through his work as a producer and director. He has produced several films, including “The Butterfly Dance” (2009) and “The House of the Devil” (2009), which received critical acclaim and positive reviews from audiences.

Victor has also directed a number of short films, including “The Last Stand” (2004) and “The Butterfly Dance” (2009). His films have been screened at various film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival.

In addition to his work as a producer and director, Victor has also acted in several films. He appeared in the film “The Butterfly Dance” (2009), which he produced and directed, as well as in “The House of the Devil” (2009) and “Higher Ground” (2011).

Victor’s achievements in the entertainment industry have been recognized by his peers. In 2010, he was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature for his work on “The House of the Devil”. He has also been recognized for his work as a producer and director by various film festivals and organizations.

Overall, Victor Farmiga’s contributions and achievements in the entertainment industry have solidified his reputation as a talented and versatile filmmaker.


Victor Farmiga

Victor Farmiga has made a name for himself as a talented photographer, but his legacy goes beyond his work behind the camera. As the older brother of Vera and Taissa Farmiga, he has been a positive influence on their lives and careers.

Despite his own success, Victor has always been supportive of his sisters’ endeavors. Vera has spoken about how he helped her get her start in acting, and Taissa has credited him with inspiring her to pursue a career in the arts.

In addition to his role as a supportive sibling, Victor has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts. He has worked with organizations like the American Cancer Society and the Multiple Sclerosis Society, using his platform to raise awareness and funds for important causes.

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Overall, Victor Farmiga’s legacy is one of creativity, support, and compassion. He has used his talents and resources to make a positive impact on the world, and his influence will continue to be felt for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the siblings of Taissa Farmiga and Alexander Farmiga?

Victor Farmiga has two younger siblings who are also involved in the entertainment industry. His sister Vera Farmiga is an actress, director, and producer, while his brother Alexander Farmiga is a film composer and music producer.

What is the age difference between Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga?

Vera Farmiga is the eldest of the Farmiga siblings, born on August 6, 1973. Taissa Farmiga, on the other hand, was born on August 17, 1994, making her over 20 years younger than her sister Vera.

Who is the oldest sibling in the Farmiga family?

Victor Farmiga is the eldest of the seven Farmiga siblings, born on May 3, 1967.

What is the relationship between Taissa Farmiga and Vera Farmiga?

Taissa Farmiga is the younger sister of Vera Farmiga. Both sisters are successful actresses in Hollywood, with Vera being a more established and well-known actress.

Who are the members of the Farmiga family?

The Farmiga family consists of Michael Farmiga, a systems-analyst-turned-landscaper, and Lubomyra “Luba” Farmiga, a schoolteacher. They have seven children, namely Victor, Vera, Stephan, Nadia, Alexander, Laryssa, and Taissa.

What is the age gap between the Farmiga sisters?

The age gap between the Farmiga sisters Vera and Taissa is over 20 years, with Vera being born in 1973 and Taissa being born in 1994. Despite the age difference, both sisters have a close relationship and have worked together on several projects.


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