Caroline Davies: Biography, Net Worth, Father, Children, Husband, Career, Cars, Houses & Siblings

Caroline Davies is a distinguished British journalist as well as a foreign correspondent for BBC and a reporter for the Guardian Group. She is known for her fearless reporting, which has included coverage of the conflict in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Davies also worked as an acting deputy editor for The Sunday Telegraph in the past.


Born in 1977, she spent her early years in Lincolnshire, England. She attended a renowned media school and graduated with degrees in English and Drama. After graduating, Davies followed her dream of becoming a journalist and began working in local newspapers. While still fairly early in her career, Davies moved into a TV reporting role for Sky News. Eventually, she became a correspondent for BBC News.

While working for the BBC, Davies covered a variety of reports, from the War in Afghanistan to topics on the poverty-stricken region in Sudan to events in Ukraine and Russia. Davies is a recognized name for having reported on the war in Syria for BBC and the Guardian’s Investigatory team. In 2017, she reported extensively on the mass exodus of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.

Caroline Davies enjoys a high net worth. She is currently married to British journalist and television presenter, David Gray. With her career and married life, she has been able to buy her own car and house. Moreover, she comes from a large family which includes one brother and two sisters. All of them, as well as her father, are into the media and British politics, which could explain her passion for this trade.

Caroline Davies: Biography, Net Worth, Father, Children, Husband, Career, Cars, Houses & Siblings

Caroline Davies is a well-established British journalist, foreign correspondent, and media correspondent who has worked in the media industry for over two decades. She is currently a foreign correspondent for BBC News, writing for the BBC website, radio and television news.

Caroline began her career working in international reporting, providing live news coverage from around the globe. She has reported from some of the world’s most volatile countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Israel, Ukraine and Russia.

In addition to her work in international journalism, Caroline is the author of four books, co-written with Guardian Group’s travel editor. Her latest book, Mare Nostrum: A Journey Through the Mediterranean, was published in 2016. She is the mother of two children and is married to the British journalist and television presenter, David Gray.

Net worth: Caroline has an estimated net worth of over £3 million.

Father: Earl Davies

Children: Two

Husband: David Gray

Career: Foreign correspondent for BBC and journalist for Guardian Group

Cars: Range Rover, Audi A3

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Houses: Caroline lives in a house in the UK with her husband Gareth Davies and her two children.

Siblings: One brother and two sisters who are also working in the media industry. 

Biography of Caroline Davies

Caroline Davies is a Foreign Correspondent at BBC and a journalist at The Guardian Group. She is based in London, England and her main focus is on international affairs and human rights.

Caroline’s career began at the BBC in 2007 where she worked as a junior video editor. During this time, she was allowed to report on conflicts abroad, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. Her work with the BBC also led her to say on the Arab Spring in 2011, covering events in the Middle East and North Africa.

Throughout her career at the BBC, Caroline reported on numerous events and stories from around the world. In 2016, she was sent to Sudan to cover the refugee crisis, before traveling to Ethiopia where she interviewed refugees fleeing the war in Syria.

Caroline began her career as a journalist with The Guardian Group in 2013. She was tasked with creating excellent content for the paper’s website and later began working as an editor for the online side of

Her investigative work for The Guardian Group has included extensive inquiries into human trafficking and slavery. From 2018 onwards, her work as a journalist and foreign correspondent for The Guardian Group has included articles and reports from countries that have yet to see a story reported in depth to international audiences.

Caroline Davies is passionate about human rights and international affairs, and her goal is to ensure that people around the world who experience human rights abuses have their stories told. Her work highlights the importance of accurate and impartial coverage of stories that are often overlooked by traditional news outlets.

Net Worth, Father, Children, and Husband of Caroline Davies

Caroline Davies is a foreign correspondent for BBC World News and a journalist for the Guardian Group. She is a widely respected figure in British politics and international media.

Net Worth: According to certain sites, Caroline Davies has a current estimated net worth of £3 million.

Father: Caroline Davies is the daughter of a British diplomat, Earl Davies. She was born in Germany, and her father worked at the British Embassy in Germany for many years.

Children: Caroline Davies is married and has two children.

Husband: Caroline Davies is married to David Gray, a British journalist and television presenter. They live in London.

Career, Cars, Houses & Siblings of Caroline Davies

Caroline Davies is a prominent foreign correspondent for the BBC and a journalist at the Guardian Group. She has worked as a reporter on issues from the Middle East to natural disasters and war zones in Europe.

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Davies has experience working for a number of outlets, including the BBC, the Guardian Group, Channel 4 News, and The Times. She has reported from numerous war zones and hotspots, from Syria and Iraq to Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Russia. She has also provided reporting on subjects including climate change, migrant crises, and domestic and international terrorism. She is frequently called on to provide expert analysis to media outlets on subjects such as the Middle East and global security. 


Caroline Davies is often seen behind the wheel of a Range Rover or Audi A3, an indication of her success as a journalist. These vehicles provide a reliable and comfortable ride as she traverses the globe for her reporting assignments. 


Davies owns properties in the UK as well as a few other countries, as required by her reporting assignments. She appreciates the stability of having her own home base, even as her location takes her to many different settings. 


Caroline Davies has three siblings, a younger brother, and two older sisters. All of her siblings are supportive of her work as a journalist, as they are all part of British politics and making an impact in the European media space at large.

Caroline Davies Wikipedia

Caroline Davies is a British journalist and foreign correspondent for BBC and Guardian Group. She is highly experienced in reporting and presenting news from around the world including India, Iraq, Afghanistan, and East Asia. Her work has brought her to a wide variety of places and situations, including gaining insight into stories on the ground in front of her.

Davies has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford. Prior to that, she attended James Allen School for Girls.

Davies began her career as a presenter for various channels including BBC Three, BBC News 24, and BBC World. She has reported from several countries, such as Iraq, India, and Afghanistan, and worked with NGOs in South East Asia. Her experience in documentary journalism has taken her to various parts of the world, such as the US, India, Pakistan, Iran Ukraine, and Russia.

Most recently as a foreign correspondent for BBC, she has provided essential coverage of conflicts in Iraq; whereas her reporting from India has centered on social and religious divides as well as women’s rights. She has reported extensively on refugee and migrant issues as well as the human and environmental consequences of the war against ISIS in Syria.

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In addition to her on-camera work for the BBC, she works as a journalist for the Guardian Group. She is an award-winning freelance reporter and regularly works for the Guardian, the Independent, the New Statesman, and the BBC Magazine. Her articles and short stories have also been published in several prestigious international publications.

Caroline Davies is a passionate advocate for moral and ethical journalism in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing media and news world. She believes in judging facts not people and values the importance of thoughtful, truthful discourse. Her understanding of international issues is an invaluable asset and her reporting from around the world has never failed to captivate audiences.

Caroline Davies Age

Caroline Davies is an experienced journalist and foreign correspondent for the BBC and the Guardian Group. She has worked in more than 10 countries across the world covering stories on a variety of issues ranging from politics to international security. She utilizes her experience to report stories from often-neglected parts of the world, giving her a unique insight into unknown regions and untold stories. Caroline labors to capture the spirit of diverse cultures for reliable coverage of global politics. She was nominated for numerous awards, including the International Voice Award for Foreign Correspondent of the Year by the Royal Television Society in 2003. Caroline is 30 to 35 years old and holds a bachelor of arts in philosophy, politics, and e economics from the University of Oxford.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the female foreign correspondent for the BBC?

The female foreign correspondent for the BBC is Caroline Davies.

Who is Caroline Davies?

Caroline Davies is a British journalist currently working for the BBC and The Guardian Group.

How old is Caroline Davies?

Caroline Davies is 30 to 35 years old.

What is Caroline Davies’s net worth?

Caroline Davies’s net worth is estimated to be around £3million.

Who is Caroline Davies’s husband?

Caroline Davies’s husband is David Gray.


Caroline Davies has a highly successful career in journalism, where she works as a foreign correspondent for the BBC and Guardian Group. She has reported from many countries, including Russia, the United States, and the Middle East. Her net worth is estimated as high as £3 million and she currently lives with her husband and two children in London. She has also developed a successful writing career, publishing several books on the topics she has reported on. Davies is truly an amazing and inspiring journalist, and she serves to be an excellent role model for upcoming journalists.


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